Aje aje bara aje

Aje aje bara aje

Sun Nyog struggles after joining a Buddhist temple as a nun for lack of discipline. She saves an alcoholic from suicide but he later rapes her and she is forced out of the temple. Still, ...

Sun Nyog struggles after joining a Buddhist temple as a nun for lack of discipline. She saves an alcoholic from suicide but he later rapes her and she is forced out of the temple. Still, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MiYon R (ru) wrote: "People have to die to improve the product." A documentary about Fidelis Cloer, a man who sells armored vehicles, and his enormous success thanks to the war in Iraq. Interesting but drags on too long. Simply a matter of taste, though.

Kitty F (gb) wrote: this story almost line made me cry. its really sad but awesome movie

Emmanuel S (ca) wrote: 'Boxtrolls' is never afraid to be as eccentric as it is pushing new levels of quality of stop-motion animation.

Bjoern H (ag) wrote: Utterly unmotivated crampy motions.

Daniel M (nl) wrote: Meh. More nauseating than entertaining, but it has its moments..I guess. Can't say that I really recommend it, though.

Miguel R (mx) wrote: Stuart Little 2 is an annoying comedy film not worth your time

Andrew S (ca) wrote: Great cast in an enjoyable story.

Steve W (it) wrote: This coming of age gangster flick shows us the lives of four childhood friends. Two go to college while the other two become rival gangsters, and when their paths cross again things become tense and violent. The movie has core themes of friendship and loyalty, but at times its overlong and a bit melodramatic. It sports decent performances and is a not too shabby entry in the gangster movie genre.

Luke H (it) wrote: I really enjoyed the movie from beginning to end.

Sean D (ag) wrote: This was a lot better than the original. We can also confirm or guess that their would have been a sequel to at least make the "Know What You Did Last Summer" series a trilogy. Mekhi Pfeiffer played a terrible role as an annoying, whiny, way too ghetto and angry character that everyone in the theatre probably cheered when he got killed off, I can say honestly that the film was marginally better after not having to hear him talk anymore. The plot is actually quite hilarious but does something really common in horror films, solve a love triangle by making one of your protagonists in the love triangle, the main antagonist or co-antagonist. There were some seemingly LOL moments in the film. The plot is quite different yet similar to the original film. It's not an amazing film, but it's still great and fun to watch.

Emily L (fr) wrote: Surprisingly good and funny.

Lovro H (ag) wrote: I didn't have any expectations, but it still was a bit of a dissapointment. The story moves at such a low pace you can easily forget what the movie is about, and the story itself isn't that amazing. The pace picks up around 60 minute mark, but the way it ends isn't really satisfying. The actors are great, though. The movie could use a lot more of Tim Roth, and not just last 20 minutes. The direction is good, there are some lovely shots of the nature and the camera isn't shaky. I liked the soundtrack, as it was mostly piano/orchestral music, and I love how it started slow and when the situation got intense, the music suddenly got intense, as well. All in all, a mediocre thriller which is actually more of a drama does have great acting and direction, but fails when it comes to pacing and storytelling.

stacy d (mx) wrote: a cute movie.Vincent Price was wonderful as usual.has an ultra cheesy soundtrack, i must own it!! "MONSTERS RULE O.K.!"

Jason P (es) wrote: Saw this in December but forgot to note it. Quite funny, very family-friendly. They don't put out films with such broad appeal like this any more, unfortunately.