Ajeeb Itefaq

Ajeeb Itefaq

Police Inspector Navin, assigned to Santa Cruz Police Station in Bombay, gets a telephone call from a distraught woman, Aparna, that someone had attempted to kill her, but upon being ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Hindi
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Police Inspector Navin, assigned to Santa Cruz Police Station in Bombay, gets a telephone call from a distraught woman, Aparna, that someone had attempted to kill her, but upon being ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(kr) wrote: Sexist drivel. Gratuitous mocking of people with disabilities. A script so shallow you couldn't drown a gnat in it. Cheap direction. Forced acting. Tawdry production values. Would give it minus stars if I could.

Jerome P (fr) wrote: My benchmark for these type of movies is the Austrian version of Funny Games, so achieving a portion of it's success (film-wise) is a win. It's irksome and disconcerting, and there are times when I really hated the villain. The actors do well, but the casting is a little obvious. Also, if you've ever experienced a little of rural French Canada then you might enjoy the feel of the movie a titch more. Good little movie.

Giselle V (es) wrote: I am upsesed with this film I can't wait for the second movie!!!!

Jarrin R (mx) wrote: Great biography film. It has a real gritty and believable feel to it, not to mention a great cast. The end revelation sends a little chill down your spine.

Thomas R (mx) wrote: Exceptional biopic film with a stellar performance from Claire Danes (unambiguously her career best). The story of the renowned scientist who revolutionised animal husbandry in the US cattle industry transcends its own genre, into a compelling and at time mesmerising piece of cinema. Danes elevates the performance profoundly, managing to avoid reducing the brilliant autistic scientist into a twitchy caricature. A must watch.

Zachary L (au) wrote: What would you do if you knew you only had 24 hours left to live? The concept behind this movie was very very intriguing and the execution even better. A government mandated program makes 1 in 1000 citizens receive an Ikigami (or Death Note) specifying their exact time of death. This program has resulted in high GDP, lower suicide rate, and increased civil service as no one knows who or when they will die. Their is a lot of suspense and well executed story-telling as we are shown how the ikigami affects the target and their families/friends. Great drama and suspense, music and camera work at just that right moment to elicit an emotional response. Highly recommended and I can only hope those last hints at the end will mean a possible sequel in the future...

Luke B (ag) wrote: A fictitious account of Harold Houdini. It focuses on a love he has for a woman that claims to be psychic. Unfortunately the film is void of any real engagement or excitement. Zeta-Jones is fine, but never for a single second did I believe she was going to screw over Houdini. This left me with a rather predictable love story that I was hoping would hurry along. There was never a real sense of wonderment at Houdini's tricks, and the film tried to hard to pull away his showbiz facade. We are left with an interesting and emotionally frail man, but since it isn't juxtaposed against how he was perceived it wasn't particularly interesting. Saoirse Ronan shows why she is becoming a fantastic lead actress, but the majority of this just never peaks that high.

Milan G (ru) wrote: BeYoutiful Winners you all! Got inspired, I like the soundtracks as well!

David A (es) wrote: Good fun - sort of "Science of Sleep" meets "Barbarella".

Charlie M (br) wrote: Girl moves away and befriends mentally handicapped man.

Alexis L (mx) wrote: nice but far away from "les valseuses" or "tenue de soiree" but depardieu and dewaere and original situation...

Paul D (es) wrote: A Cold War film with an intriguing psychological edge, although there's no real excitement to be had from it.

Tom M (ca) wrote: Bit of satirical playfulness that takes the classic espionage noir and adventure formulas out for a shake. Its an odd-ball film; a satire that doesn't seem satirical, a comedy that almost never serves up slappy joke-seeming-jokes. At least in the earlier acts. They're there, just very dry and very hidden. At times the tongue is buried so deeply in the cheek that many people probably won't even know it's there. It's sort of like an inside-joke. Without a background in these genres and Huston's career, it's quite possible I could have watched this whole thing and not known it was intended as a deconstructive satirical lark until it was well underway.It isn't a classic in the truest sense, but it's a pretty smart film that gets considerably better on subsequent viewings. I was mildly pleased by it the first time around. Now that I've seen it a few times since, I'm starting to give it a lot of credit. It's much sharper and more witty than it comes across on the surface. It asks you to give it the benefit of the doubt but does have a fair amount to offer if you meet it halfway and are in on what it's trying to do. It's really a film for film buffs, and the further removed we are from that time period the more true that will become.It starts off as a bit of a dud, flowing poorly and strangely paced, like a series of loosely tied together vignettes. The editing is choppy and jumpy and the narrative structure will leave most people confused and unsettled for at least the first twenty minutes. It really takes a long time to get going. For every entertaining scene there's one that seems somewhat disposable. These scenes have atmospheric and comedic value, but sometimes lean too closely to being a bit boring. Thankfully it has comedy-Bogie to save it, and heaven knowns comedy-Bogie is impossible not to enjoy.There's a fair share of visual and auditory weirdness going on that gives it some character. Most the cast looks strange, odd, almost creepy at times, and are filmed in ways that emphasize this. Like a bunch of freaks mixed in with beautiful ladies and a Boges, who could look pretty unique himself sometimes. Its affect on the film is minor, but after a while it's hard to ignore how each new character looks increasingly like Steve Buscemi's more-inbred cousin. When Peter Lorre is one of the most normal-looking players on screen, it's definitely of note. There's also a lot of strange camera angles and intentionally disorienting framing and little uncomfortable details like someone tapping their finger anxiously against a table in the background through a long dramatic scene.Slowly it pulls itself together, finding its feet and developing some momentum. Once it gets established it seems to put on some confidence in its voice and intentions. The plot doesn't really prove interesting at any point and never drives the film, but the more of it we know the more the thing comes to feel like a realized whole, making the quips more visible and effective. The less it plays itself close to the chest , the more it strengthens the rhythm and cadence of its humor. The best part about it is definitely the dialog, which is often very lively and funny (particularly later-on), and a the slew of invested performances that really do that dialog great justice. Certainly no where near the upper ranks of Bogey or Huston films, but never meant to be. With the right background and commitment, it can be a wonderfully entertaining time that's totally deserving of 'cult favorite' status.[from favorite scenes note]Beat the Devil - After the boat has wrecked at sea and the cast is washed up on the African shore, the aftrican prince/representative/hiseminence/whomever is interrogating some of the people and is getting increasingly aggressive. It escalates to the point that he strikes one of the men, a particularly rotund and weak and pathetic kind of man, quite hard, knocking him back into a chair. Bogie stands up instantly, as if by instinct. The way that Bogie will suddenly stand up or tense up in most his films when something happens that his particular soul simply cannot sit by and let happen. Like his characters in key largo and big sleep and casablanca and so forth, who all try to convince themselves that they're looking out just for themselves, but that have an irrepressable honor code that refuses to allow certain injustice to exist. Bogart stands up like THAT. Like he's been lingering in the background remaining as uninvolved as he can, but is about to come from nowhere and intervene in a very badass type of way. But, he instead sprints and leaps out a window, using the opportunity to attempt a totally ineffective and pathetic little selfish escape. He gets grabbed up and drug back inside looking like a fool. Oh man. Hilarious play at contradicting expectations. haha.

Gareth R (ag) wrote: A breathlessly magnificent film that ought to make even the most depressed viewer cling to life. It's a bit silly (populated solely by British and bad-American accents), which actually just makes it all good fun, and Leslie Howard is outstanding as the ingenious hero. There are certain moments that just make me crumble, and the whole thing speaks volumes about the triumph of the human spirit that other war films just don't get at. Some of the bumbling students are a little cumbersome, but it's otherwise untouchable. An astonishing feat.

Joo C (gb) wrote: Essa continuao de Superman the Movie ainda mais emocionante!

David S (es) wrote: Some interesting scenes, but the melodrama doesn't work in this Sirk film, especially when it's necessary to have Rock Hudson explain the tragedy of the affair to his newspaper colleagues as the film comes to a close.