Ajj De Ranjhe

Ajj De Ranjhe

Comedic situations dog the heels of a media-obsessed youngster and a determined rookie cop.

A man becomes a policemen in Punjab, India, where corruption runs rampant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (it) wrote: A horror comedy that is short on both. Great idea, poor execution. Check out the comic "Graveyard of Empires" if you want Afghanistan zombies.

Shawn S (us) wrote: This has a brilliant, well-written story and a great cast.

Shane S (au) wrote: a pretty good martial arts film. I really like Scott Adkins. He's a decent actor for these kinds of films. Yes, this has hokey dialogue, but you don't go to action movies for the script. It's an entertaining film.

Dan R (br) wrote: I don't like extended dance scenes that much so some of this was lost on me. I would have preferred more personal stories of the dancers. All that said, Lil C is a fine human specimen.

Arielle E (ag) wrote: i like the part where michael jackson is...

Phillip D (gb) wrote: I think I expected a lot more from this film but for most of the film, it felt like a jumbled plot and Carrey's repugnant personality, which has become like kryptonite in Hollywood these days. The final scenes are really incredible however but it isn't enough to redeem a film that just can't make it's primary characters connect in a meaningful manner.

Ruthie R (jp) wrote: This movie is so silly. I really wish there'd been some sort of sequel.

Drew S (de) wrote: Ugly, dreary, poorly-acted, and the kind of predictable that makes you think there's going to be another twist, because SERIOUSLY? The one thing that gives The Dorm that Dripped Blood some sort of value, besides its awesome title, is that the kills actually look sort of gruesome for a movie that probably cost fifty thousand dollars to make. Also, one of the actresses has a strange voice and my friends and I arbitrarily decided she was deaf, so that added a tinge of much-needed bizareness to an otherwise rote dormitory slasher. Too amateurish and starry-eyed to hate, but not worth watching in any regard.

Tony P (es) wrote: Classic Carry On. 1970s Trade Union rule is parodied. The trade unions are shown as rather foolish. All the regulars are here. Listened to the commentary track on DVD. The film actually took several years to break even because its trade union parody affected box office.

Patrick M (au) wrote: The cast makes this an enjoyable dark comedy. Certainly not great but a decent amount of fun, particularly the first half.

Jackson A (mx) wrote: "timo filme, recomendo!

Troy M (ca) wrote: An enjoyable, mindless film from start to finish

Joseph G (es) wrote: Watched time and again

Kevin X (br) wrote: if you're a fan of Silent Hill video games, this a DAMN AWESOME movie!