Two couples swap mates which leads to a murder that leaves everybody shocked... but was this a setup to convicted an innocent person and spoil their reputation?

Bobby Deol and Kareena Kapoor play a new couple who get married and move to Switzerland. They make friends with their new neighbours Akshay Kumar and Bipasha Basu. Life seems perfect until one day when Bobby Deol wakes up in Akshay's house and finds out that Akshay's wife has been murdered. Bobby Deol is accussed of the murder but flees from the authorities in order to prove himself innocent. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cintya R (ca) wrote: It is a very good documentary. Hepful for friends to make resolutions after layed off or fired!

Muffin M (it) wrote: It's not that he's clumsy, shy or dressed for disco that makes Dave Ming Chang (Eddie Murphy) stand out from everyone else in New York City. It's that he's an alien! More accurately, he's an alien ship, on a mission to Earth to save his home planet. Torn between the voices in his head - a tiny alien crew led by a high-strung, miniature version of himself - and the world around him, Dave struggles to appear normal. But when he falls for an Earth woman (Elizabeth Banks), the consequences are hilarious!also stars Gabrielle Union, Scott Caan, Ed Helms, Kevin Hart, Pat Kilbane, Judah Friedlander and Marc Blucas.directed by Brian Robbins.

Jilie L (fr) wrote: the strangest way to learn to appreciate life

Seth B (ru) wrote: An ok performance by Christian Bale in a poorly written and weak movie. Mostly this movie is a waste of time. Very depressing though. Being a Bale fan I had high hopes for it and it let me down.

Scott G (mx) wrote: a piece of shit that ruined one of my all-time favorite PS1 games. It has nothing to do with the story and plot of the first game. Not to mention why are elements from the other games in here when they're not needed. I was so annoyed that Harry Mason was removed in favor of that bitch Rose. Thanks for ruining one of my favorite games Christophe Gans you bastard you.

Ivana T (br) wrote: Excelent movie and great Don Johnson's performance...very intense movie.

Kyle G (mx) wrote: An interesting yet disturbing documentary more about our political system and the effects of an abusive childhood than the actual murders committed by the infamous Aileen Wuornos.

Cameron Liam I (mx) wrote: I was recommended this one by a friend, knowing of my two year journey through Stephen King's Dark Tower novels. I was expecting a fleeting mention of the series but to my delight got a full-blown companion to the final Dark Tower novel, which I'm reading at the moment. In the book, Ted Brautigan (Anthony Hopkins) is one of the main characters, but King portrays him as an ambiguous character with good intentions, but could be interpreted as a villain. Hearts In Atlantis answers many of the questions posed in that story, which will delight fans of the series.

Tawanda S (jp) wrote: I love this movie....

Aaron C (fr) wrote: all i can say is, poor bf (mann). for an allegedly "high" arty show (I could almost smell the fumes), this was mostly a downer. i can't decide if this is a moral tale against the gradual allure & dangers of heroin, or something else. either way, the pacing was way too slow and the movie's understated style felt ok for a few minutes but just becomes unbearable soon after. one hopes for an ending that would tie it all together, but it turns out disappointingly cliche.

Hobie P (nl) wrote: Its worth a watch but nothing to get to excited over!

GRACE D (nl) wrote: This is a very romantic chick flick!

Jack C (nl) wrote: Tight, thrilling, and chillingly relevant, this is both a compelling sequel and a captivating prequel. McDowall left Andy Serkis some large prehensile-toed shoes to fill.

Steve C (gb) wrote: Beautiful film about friendship. Sadest film ever made - You WILL cry or your not human!

Paul D (jp) wrote: This weak comedy also pretends to be a cold war spy thriller as well. It is neither funny nor thrilling although some of the characters do provide a degree of watchability.

Del H (kr) wrote: It's a shame that a film with such a good premise and such potential for both drama and debate turns out to be poorly done in every sense of the term.