Srinivasan is a young architect. He is happy when he gets a good job and a beautiful girlfriend, Tara. But then an accident disfigures him. Tara leaves him and Srinivasan, now sans his confidence, withdraws into his shell. Then he meets the beautiful Ragini who is willing to accept him despite his disfigurement. They get married, but after a while, he begins to doubt her true identity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
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Srinivasan is a young architect. He is happy when he gets a good job and a beautiful girlfriend, Tara. But then an accident disfigures him. Tara leaves him and Srinivasan, now sans his confidence, withdraws into his shell. Then he meets the beautiful Ragini who is willing to accept him despite his disfigurement. They get married, but after a while, he doubts the true identity of this woman. He doubts that this woman is not human. From there the story develops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inna H (es) wrote: Beautifully shot bloody drama that doesn't gloss over tough lives of the Chinese people.

Ethan P (br) wrote: The Help has incredibly rich characters, an elegant design, an intriguing premise and a lot of passion, but it's guilty of sugar coating the dynamic issues of race and gender issues that it examines. It looks spectacular. The beautiful Southern estates, exquisite dresses and dolled up women have a striking contrast to the dirty, crooked houses and plain uniforms of their maids. Visually, the movie already suggests that there's a disparity between the two. It hammers the point home by constantly insulting the maids, building them separate bathrooms, forcing them to do their bidding. It's a film with a lot of energy and emotion, it's heart-breaking and touching, inspiring and insulting. It had some tragic moments of cruelty, like when Constantine and Abilene get fired, and had some stirring themes of change and acceptance. It was powerful to watch them rise up and take a stand and it was very rewarding to see the hilarious events fallout of their efforts. One of the issues with the film, though, was that it didn't hurt enough. It was offensive and inconsiderate at many points, but racism in the South cut so much deeper than this movie displays. It tends to treat some of the issues in the film like girly gossip rather than the ugliness that actually took place. It handles the issues delicately, which is good and bad.One thing I didn't particularly like about the film was the inconsistency of the acting. Viola Davis's performance is undeniably incredible. She's a caring women that's been broken by the loss of her son and constant harassment by white people, but she has brief moments where she has a beautiful wide grin and giggles at something or has an intimate moment with the daughter she's hired to take care of. She shows a woman in pain that still has life in her and I really liked that she was willing to sacrifice herself to try to help herself and her people. Emma Stone is also great, but I don't know how if any Southern girl would've been as progressive as her. Her mother has a very rewarding turn at the end and a lot of the other maids give strong performances. The antagonists in the film have no range, though. They are thin, undeveloped characters. The main "villain" wasn't like a nice girl who had a racist, unaccepting side. She was a total bitch who demeaned everyone and acted very superficial. She had no depth, it felt like something out of Mean Girls or another high school melodrama. The immaturity of a lot of the women was irritating. The other superficial wives were annoying and unrealistic too, but they're designed to be petty.It's also interesting how focused the film is on underrepresented groups. Most films focus on males and this film is almost entirely focused on women. Not many films have such dynamic, interesting female performances and even fewer focus on the struggles of African Americans, so I think if nothing else, that should be appreciated. Few films have the courage to do that.

Julien A (br) wrote: Un film qui se veut une sorte d'OSS 117 version feminine.Catherine Frot fait toujours preuve d'un beau talent comique. Michel Aumont est aussi parfaitement exquis. Dommage que le scenario ne soit pas a la hauteur et que les effets comiques tombent un peu a plat.

Koushik D (mx) wrote: just saw a real horror movie after a long time.

Brittany R (nl) wrote: I am still not sure if this is an accurate rating... the first hour would've been a 1 and the last hour I'd say was a 3. The opening scene was intriguing then it got boring. When I saw Jesse Bradford, I thought, ok I'll give this a second thought. I still had to stop halfway through and come back to it. But when it got interesting, it was pretty decent. Maggie Gyllenhaal is fabulous as always and the movie delivers what the title promises- happy endings, so at least you've got that.

Jesse O (de) wrote: In some ways you could say that this film's reach exceeds its grasp, but it's also an interesting character study on people, in this case two women, who seek attention to the point they would either pretend their son and husband were dead, in the case of Melanie, and, in the case of Esther, have your girlfriend knock you out with a brick and kill your unborn child. This isn't the type of characters that you see in movies every day and, for that, I must give the movie props. This is certainly a taboo subject that I think some would be scared to shine a spotlight on. It's an issue that most people would rather pretend doesn't exist, but it is very real. This is something very real, people seeking attention to the point that they'd be willing to purposely harm someone they love, whether it be their child, family member, significant other, in order to get attention from people. That's sick and disturbing and it's surprising that no one, to my knowledge, has made a movie about this subject. But I don't think this movie is perfect, the narrative certainly isn't great, it goes all over the place with too many characters too focus on, and too little time, the acting isn't particularly great, and I don't think the film does a great job at creating a truly compelling story about these people. There's so much more that could've been done with these characters than what was actually done. Getting into their psyche, explore what makes these people think these thoughts. Explore the reasoning behind their actions. These are all things this movie doesn't do. You could say that Melanie wanted to achieve fame at the expense of her family's life, but that's about it. World's Greatest Dad, one of Robin Williams', RIP, more underrated performances, explored this theme better. Someone using a personal tragedy to improve their position in life. Ultimately, and this is something mentioned in a review here, that the answers the film offers aren't as interesting as the questions it poses. I agree with that completely, but I still found, at the very least, this film to be good enough to warrant a Netflix watch. It's not flawless, it's overlong with too many characters and no real narrative focus, but it's still a good movie, in my opinion, I wouldn't blame anyone who ended up hating this movie, it requires a lot of patience. But I believe Zack Parker is a filmmaker to keep an eye out for, as he can only get better. At least you'd hope.

Ceph J (kr) wrote: A charming German comedy about acceptance of gays but the script is too weak and stoops to either preaching or cheap lines. Christoph Marius is kicked out by his girlfriend and in a contrived plot finds himself in bed with Edgar, who's gay. The question is did Chris have sex with Edgar? Is Chris gay? The movie smartly dodges these questions but there's lame jokes about neighbors having sex while the leads try to figure out their sexuality. It's also preposterous that we have Chris, Helen, and Mike as undercover cops tracking car thieves, while Edgar and Marco are involved in selling these cars, but the idle cops continue their friendships while pursued by 2 other hapless cops trying to find dirt. The movie gives us some lovely scenes of Fankfurt. The actors are all attractive. Carin C. Tietze is a beautiful actress who plays Helen. Andreas Pietschmann is a hunk as Marco and Tim Bergmann is very charming as Edgar. It's not a pleasant way to spend an afternoon on the couch.

Stuart T (mx) wrote: How could you not love it! A spectacular performance by Geoffrey Rush he plays David Helfgott superbly.

Grant T (nl) wrote: Can't help but make you smile as it dazzles with southern charm. Driving Miss Daisy delivers impressive performances while managing to unfold a nice little story our way, even if it doesn't hit every note pitch perfect

Heather M (us) wrote: This is an intimate look at the costs of war and it is even more devastating when told in this beautifully animated format.

Tor M (es) wrote: It's been a while since last time I saw a Kieslowski film. I'm looking forward to give "Dekalog" a go, and this is one of the two films that are taken from the series and made a bit longer - or with fewer scenes cut out if you like.This film is bleak and powerful. Things seem miserable and the world is not a happy place to be. We met grim people, and Jacek is probably the grimmest of them.This dark film is not as good as I hoped, still it's a very good film. It looks incredible and the story is simple but powerful. The message is also quite clear here.8 out og 10 dead cats.

John N (fr) wrote: Not Godard's best work , but worth watching at least once.

Fran H (br) wrote: I was fascinated by this film from the first to the last minute. Don't understand the negative reviews.

Greg S (kr) wrote: An insurance investigator investigates the disappearance of a bestselling horror novelist whose books have the power to drive men mad. The pioneering meta-horror premise compensates for an ordinary execution.

Nathaniel J (it) wrote: Best part was Quick Silver and the rest of the movie sucked.