The Story revolves around Johnny (Murali) and Annie (Madhavi), a married couple.Johnny is a recurrent alcoholic. After an altercation between Johnny and Keshavan (N F Varghese), who is humiliated in front of his family decides to take revenge and hurts one of their kid.During required blood transfusion it is discovered that Annie's is suffering from a late stage of Leukemia and that she only has a couple of months to live. Annie fearing her kids well being gives then up for better future through adoption.

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Charles P (br) wrote: Though the subject matter was covered thoroughly last century in episodes of Will and Grace, it is made fresh here by extraordinarily strong performances from an ensemble of madcap gay and straight characters. They made me laugh so hard I had to pause the stream on Netflix so I wouldn't miss the next zinger. Great evening's entertainment!

Arik M (br) wrote: This movie was phenomenal, and then came the ending. 'Nuff said

Brett B (es) wrote: The black and white animation is the highpoint and gives the movie a nice touch of originality. The storyline is somewhat interesting as it deals with the topic of "big health care" and the power and corruption that greed drives.

Brian D (mx) wrote: Absolutely riveting. Breathtakingly refreshing version of Hamlet. The best I've ever seen. David Tennant is perfect as the tortured Hamlet. One thing that amazed me about this version is that the scenes seem to be actual characters as well in the play. The backgrounds were real and surreal at the same time. The reflective black floors and the imagery of mirrors all over the sets gave rich depth and meaning to the scenes and the overall play. Definitely a masterpiece.

Michael R (br) wrote: Still holds up.....lots of pecking ah slo mo action.....great opening and closing music....great film

Danny L (ru) wrote: Magnifico film che si propone come manifesto all'amore e non osa alcuna volgarit, n (C) oscenit. Caratteristica l'ambientazione di Hong Kong ai tempi della concessione inglese e splendido il contrasto al razzismo e una velata condanna al comunismo, incorniciato una storia degna di essere vista e rivista.

Ollie W (nl) wrote: Terrible... but also... terribly fun!