• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Akasmika 1993 full movies, Akasmika torrents movie

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Akasmika torrent reviews

Arti D (es) wrote: Subtle but at the same time imensley powerful story. Do we ever change? And should we be punished for the past if we have moved on?

BinhAn G (br) wrote: This was an okay movie. Nothing spectacular. The cuteness seemed forced for some reason and a long list of the characters were a pretty obnoxious. Couple of good laughs scattered in though and it's a lighter movie that is rewatchable.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Despite Will Smith's terrific performance, Ali is unfortunately a disappointing biopic of the boxing legend

Jonathan P (mx) wrote: A perplexing story of our public schools, its teachers, its students and those who are only there because they have no other choice. Samuel Jackson gives a sound performance as the good teacher pushed over the edge by gang members who would rather cause problems than learn. Taking justice into his own hands 187 offers viewers an interesting take on what teachers deal with and how hard it has become to really do the job effectively Not great but effective in its message. .


Ian R (ag) wrote: Might seem average now but for the time it was an amazing look at another side of life. Sure they make these things all the time now, but not in 1991. Powerful, well worth the three hours.

Christopher S (br) wrote: Ken Russell's bizarre, over-the-top satire has to be seen to be believed. Continually surprising and original with its vibrant, tacky visuals and convoluted subtext on the nature of sex and love. Kathleen Turner shines in a complex role, and Anthony Perkins' desperate performance is possibly his best since Norman Bates. Richard Wakeman's dated, cartoonish score is problematic, and the story looses some steam in the second half - but this is a memorable sleazy spectacle that only Ken Russell could deliver.

John S (ru) wrote: It is a very well acted movie, staring unknowns and has not been made available in DVD. If possible I want to add it to my permanent collection. This movie is rated R for female frontal nudity.

john o (br) wrote: Don't know why this only got 62%. I thought it was hilarious. Not the best comedy i've ever seen but still really funny. Reminds me of Airplane

Christopher B (es) wrote: What seem a rather predictable B-flick comes up with some good twists in the final 30 minutes. First impressions aren't always accurate. A joy to see the venerable C. Aubrey sharing the screen with a young & serious Lucy. Solid cast and editing.

Matti W (nl) wrote: Don't bother...Alice Cooper and Blondie performing songs are the reasons why this movie gets any points.... Oh and the fact that Roy Orbison does a cameo...Otherwise, its really worthless...