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Set in Tokyo's otaku mecca Akihabara, "[email protected]" tells the story of five otaku who drop out of society and end up founding their own successful IT venture called Crook. But Nakagomi, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frankie M (ca) wrote: Viewer discretion is advised This movie is just a bad movie for kids

Isauro L (es) wrote: It get's you in to the emotions of Abel's family and has a very good sense of humor.

Sean N (ag) wrote: A simple story about three homeless people finding a baby and trying to return it really dives into deep characterization and the perfect amount of emotions. Every character has a story and it all has to do with the past. The movie really gives the viewers a lot of mystery about who the baby belongs to and why was it abandoned in the first place? While during this we get nice hints about the three main characters' stories, like Gin's problem with lying, Hana with his true self, and Miyuki with her father. The amount of story telling presented in this film is strong as again we get an input from the three main characters and other characters who soon come along, all in an hour and a half. There are many movies that try to have two hours or even more and most of the time they can't even keep one single plot consistent (I'm looking at you Micheal Bay). There is no padding as it flows perfectly and really gets a viewer engaged in the movie. There is a very strong emotional power in this film as there are moments of compassion, suspense, and just some well done comedy. I can easily say this is one of my favorite movies that makes me feel multiple emotions. This is easily thanks to the strong themes that are played here about how people long for others or just the past. It's a really strong and relatable feeling and Tokyo Godfathers easily captures with perfection. This is a great example of how someone can explore with the topic of three homeless characters living their lives because as I said before it really goes into deep characterization and strong themes. It is easily my favorite film from Satoshi Kon as not only was it fun film, but a film I can really look back on as an experience.

Denise H (us) wrote: Not sure what I expected, but it wasn't bad. Not great-but enjoyable once I gave it a chance. I will take any reason to see India. :)

Mathew B (fr) wrote: Radio shows us that if we take the time to get to know a person you might just find your world changed for the better. Cuba did such an amazing job. Ed Harris was outstanding as a man who actually gave a shit. I have a disability and watching this movie made me realize it doesn't define you, the person you are on the inside does. More people need to see this. It brought me to tears of happiness. Radio is one of the most likeable people ever.

Ash M (ca) wrote: One of my favorite crime movies of all time! Directed by the Cohen brothers and cinematography by Roger Deakins.

lucy w (mx) wrote: Another masterpiece by melodrama's auteur Douglas Sirk, All That Heaven Allows is a beautiful and sensitive film, "quieter" than Sirk's other films, but more heart-wrenching. The social prejudices depicted in the film - all of Sirk's melodramas have a subtle but piercing irony by deconstructing the American society\family - are the major obstacle for Ron and Cary's love. Those irrational preconceptions are the things that keep us from "living" completely, as the director wisely points out. Typically a Sirk's film - lush colors, gorgeous costumes, and an excellent direction - but much more intimate and understanding than other melodramas. Truly, a masterpiece.

G S (fr) wrote: Kurosawa's original cut does not exist anymore, what is left of it is a very raw first film. It has cliched plot, but some memorable shots like the final battle scene which is very grainy and pessimistic in its presentation. It does not have much depth in terms of character and everything has a very contrived feel to it. That is of course because this is Kurosawa's first film and he wouldn't have had much artistic license with it. Despite it's short comings, Susumu Fujita gives a compelling performance, though wooden at times and it is entertaining and interesting. It is something that is worth watching if you're just into film in general and perhaps re-viewing if you're into Kurosawa.

cassie b (mx) wrote: hell chyeah good movie!