Akin ka ngayong gabi

Akin ka ngayong gabi


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Tagalog,Filipino
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:sex,   sexy pinay,  

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Akin ka ngayong gabi torrent reviews

Brandon W (ag) wrote: Great documentary movie by Sarah Polley. I really like the fact that not only is Stories We Tell a documentary movie, but a mystery movie as well, and that is very new to me. The history about what had happen about Sarah Polley's family is intriguing and shocking. There are some parts where it's funny and can help if the movie was getting boring. When the movie was done with the story that Sarah Polley was focusing on for the majority of the film, it kept going which I was confused and thought it was over at that point. I do like that even Sarah at the time had to find out about her mother's history, so she's kind of like the viewers that watch this, not knowing what's going to happen. It is nice to see that even if it was a long time ago, when the family talks about the stuff from the past, they get emotional about it, knowing that they are still human and there are some stuff in the past that you just can't let go.

Pavan R (es) wrote: An intriguing story which draws you in slowly. Not sure how much symbolism or meaning I could assign to various sequences but I was definitely waiting for the next one. Boring it's not but entertaining it isn't. A good watch overall though. Great acting here and good direction.

Tim M (jp) wrote: Albert.That is all.

Megan J (mx) wrote: It isn't very often that a movie/documentary moves me to the point that I feel the need to make other people aware of its existence, and push them to watch it... "Under Our Skin" is a documentary that I think everyone should watch. Every day I find more reasons to hate our medical/insurance system.

Judge L (ru) wrote: If you have spent any time in Romania you will probably enjoy this flick. It is worth a watch on Netflix.

Russell S (us) wrote: The jokes may not always hit, but they aren't always supposed to. Idiocracy stands in my book as one of the greatest precautionary tales of all time.

Ash J (nl) wrote: Maybe its just me, but I just could not keep up with the odd pacing of this film. One minute we are with the central characters and the next, a weird scene of CGI effects that had nothing to do with what we are focused on and with no point. Just more confusing than anything.

Viktor B (ru) wrote: A satisfying film addition to one of the most beloved titles in the history of anime. It has everything fans of the series loved about in the form of a full length film with all its intensity, depth, and power. While some elements might go over the head of those unfamiliar with the series this one ties into, anyone who knows the source material will have no trouble getting into it. All this aside, it is well voice acted, well plotted, and truly badass.

Michael O (ca) wrote: Lackluster. Some genuine moments don't make up for the rest of the unfocused, underdeveloped story...

Jason G (gb) wrote: one of my childhood favorites

Kurt A (kr) wrote: What a bunch of paisly infidels. Who comes up with this crap? This was crap 40 years ago and it's crap now. Firstly, lets tackle the major social issues. The whole woman is useless and must stay in the kitchen midset was outdated even in 1966. That aside there are majorly weak characters and majorly bad props. Including flying lobsters that inject mind controlling pins into the nape of the neck, and a man in a depressed owl / lobster with wings costume. Ok, now for the big rant. The basic plotline goes something like this. Keith builds radio out of a plutonium ruby rod that is capable of communicating with a being from Venus named Zontar. Zontar is part of a race that is dying only because they ran out of peons to kill. Zontar then causes an orbiting sattelite to go out of orbit, fly to Venus in an hour, take him back to Earth, land in a presise location, and then find a set of geothermic caves described to him by Keith over the radio. Then Zontar sends out his injecto pods which are basically flying lobsters, to mind control people so that he can take over ... the county? I dunno. Either way Keith's friend Kurt finally gets wise and sticks a gun in his buddy's path and gives him an ultimatum. He can either die or help Kurt kill Zontar. So Keith takes his plutonium ruby rod and goes to the geothermic caves and kills Zontar with a film negative effect. Unfortuantely, Keith wasn't fast enough to save his wife from certain doom at the hands of a depressed owl / lobster with wings.(Zontar) This horrid romp through pointless sci-fi land counldn't end fast enough for me. And it was only like 82 mins! Stay far away if you value your sanity. Far away.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: It was not magical, but it does have the Disney cheese to warm your belly.

K R (fr) wrote: From Ginger Rogers singing in Pig Latin, to the "Pettin' in the Park" musical number (with a creepy baby!), to the all around mesmerizing Busby Berkley choreography, what's not to love?

Harry W (br) wrote: I only ended up with Sliver because it came in a two-movie pack with Fatal Attraction, but then again Sharon Stone is a talented actress. And she has a boneriffic body so another chance to look at that is not one to miss in my books.But Sliver makes that pretty debateable, because save from Sharon Stone's presence as an actress and a goddamn sexy woman, Sliver supplies little worth following.For one thing, it has no interesting characters. It has an attractive book editor in a relationship in a guy who looks like a skinnier Alec Baldwin with a larger skull, but nobody worth caring about. I mean they're nothing interesting, and the story isn't worth telling. For some reason some guy videotaped all his tenants and some other guy murdered them, or maybe it was the same guy, I don't know and I don't care. Sliver gave me no reason to care or want to know why. And whatever Sliver is supposed to be, a thriller or an erotic thriller or a joke, it only succeeds as a joke because its it even funny enough, or dramatic enough, or bad enough, to qualify as entertainment in any category, and its barely sexy enough for a Sharon Stone film, particularly one that is supposed to be an erotic thriller. It really barely emphasises Sharon Stone's good elements as an attractive woman or as an actress, and either way it just decreases her credibility as an actress unfortunately.Phillip Noyce Really missed the ball on this one, because the ending is stupid, the story is stupid, the beginning is stupid. It's all stupid. The script is stupid, the characters are stupid, and the actors have to work with all that.William Baldwin proves he is one of the lesser Baldwin brothers in Sliver, in terms of acting and in terms of picking a film to add to his credibility. Still, he did get to have a naked Sharon Stone ride him so you can't blame him. You can blame him for all the poor acting though.And try as Tom Berenger might, dragged down by the lack of talent around him he fails to shine.Sharon Stone is a lone bright spot here, and I'm not just saying that because she's an easy source of blood rushing to the penis. She downplays her sexual appeal to a point where her character is one that is innocent with a body unfathomed and unravished by the darkness she encounters. Her performance is actually ok and befitting to the character as well as benefitting to the film which is actually pretty challenging. She's just really a good cast member and a good presence in the film, and is as sexy as ever, even though its not her finest hour.But still, Sliver doesn't have a story worth telling so I don't know why Phillip Noyce bothered trying. At least he got Sharon Stone on board, but that saves nothing.