Akko's Secret

Akko's Secret

Young Atsuko Kagami comes into possession of a magical mirror that lets her transform into anything she wishes. Atsuko Kagami then attempts to save a company which is about to be sold by using her transformation abilities. She also falls in love as a 22-year-old college student.

Young Atsuko Kagami comes into possession of a magical mirror that lets her transform into anything she wishes. Atsuko Kagami then attempts to save a company which is about to be sold by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toni L (nl) wrote: There are a handful of reviews on IMDb saying how good the movie is, how it compares to Scarface and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels etc and after starting to watch this movie now realize these reviews were 100% FAKE. This is the fist time in 20 years after suffering for almost half the movie I turned it off. I don't recall turning off a movie in the past but this was a joke! The acting is appalling as with the rest of the movie. It's as if they're reading off a piece of paper in front of them and the movie effect (violence) and story is pathetic. The movie is so bad that this is also the first time I felt I needed to write a review!

Greg W (de) wrote: the latest in a long long line of weddings from hell category but still worth a watch

Jason J (kr) wrote: Slow but thought provoking drama of an old man seeking to vanquish some demons from his past who forms a friendship with a 5 year old girl called Sachi who lives next door to his apartment and is badly mistreated by her alcoholic mother. It's heartbreaking to see the way she's treated like dirt by her own mother as she's so cute and adorable. Such a great little actress. It's a sad storyline of 2 lonely people brought together by circumstances who take a trip to go and see "the blue sky". The open ending will leave many frustrated.

Christine D (mx) wrote: Just as awesome the second time around!! Great storyline with an amazingly handsome man who certainly got moves!! Definetely will watch again!!


Gina W (ca) wrote: The ending was really good. I knew Dracula wasn't going to die, but to see him get the girl and leave with her makes me feel good for some reason....

Stephen M (it) wrote: Campy B-Films are more entertaining than this movie. The story sucked, the acting was really awful and the characters were just too corny. Nothing progresses with the sequel as it is rehashed garbage. The first film was somewhat entertaining this sequel should never have been made.

Danny D (de) wrote: Unrelentingly mean, with proto-Bullettime effects that must have inspired the Wachowskis.

marylu m (au) wrote: i love this korean series hilarious!!!...love the acting..

Tanay W (nl) wrote: Its been so long since ive seen this movie im new to flixster how do i watch the movie

Dustin D (ru) wrote: Bizarre, drug-addled, 'dream within a dream' movie. The killer had potential, but the story is too disjointed to stay with. The likable Juliette Cummins is the best reason to track this down.

Nyk P (br) wrote: A pure classic.... shows it's age but that's not always a bad thing.... Harryhausen as always makes this movie with his stop motion effects.

Jesse T (it) wrote: Up to par with the other Hammer, Twickenham and Sheppperton studios 1970's horror anthologies. With a young Mary Tamm.

Ruby H (ca) wrote: Released in 1981 at the height of the sub-genres' popularity this slasher is actually one of the better efforts. There's nothing really different or clever about it, but somehow the formula seems to work out to its advantage. B-movie casting, goofy characters, beautifully grim small town, mad decision-making and most importantly a very decent pace (something that even the best of its kind seem to lack) make this, if nothing else, not boring. Gore is passable, deathtoll is okay too, any attempts to create a sense of mystery fall flat but the killer is pretty cool as is the whole concept of combining Valentine's Day with a mine. Yep.The 2009 remake is pretty decent too, gorier but less fun. If you can stand only one then I'd suggest this.

Private U (it) wrote: This is not a great movie . It's a pretty predictable story but it's alot of fun to watch. Peggy Lee is great and Ella even has a small role. If you love the jazz films of the 50's then you should check it out.