Ricky (Emraan Hashmi) is a leading fashion photographer, who carries his heart on his sleeve. He's an absolute womanizer. The film begins with Ricky getting a call from Sheena (Udita Goswami), who asks him to meet her in a gym. Once there, the two have a showdown since Ricky had used and dumped Sheena's friend Nisha (Tara Sharma). A heartbroken Nisha had even contemplated attempting suicide. Three years later, Ricky is about to hold an exhibition of his creations when a millionaire walks in and buys the entire lot even before the exhibition has begun. The millionaire, Rajveer aka Raj (Dino Morea), has a pre-condition: Ricky should make Raj's wife Sheena fall in love with him (Ricky). Ricky is perplexed, for he fails to understand why a husband would hire someone to have an affair with his wife. But Raj explains that he wants Sheena to divorce him and this would be possible only if she fell in love with another man.

A love triangle where everybody is blackmailing the other two gets a nasty upset when one of them is suddenly found murdered. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessie F (it) wrote: I don't normally like Nicole Kidman but I didn't mind her in this film.

Jimmy F (it) wrote: Ray Liotta stars as a detective whose past girlfriends get slaughtered by a serial killer. Of course there's more to the story then this plot and it does contain some surprises. The movie was well-made and even stars Christian Slater as a douchebag.

Adam F (ru) wrote: Pleasantly surprised. I am a fan of the series but the last one was disappointing. The film is a return to form. The acting was great, the story was more entertaining than most, the deaths as funny/cringeworthy as ever and the special effects are great. What a way to finish the series.

sara p (ag) wrote: i prefered the book :)

Paulina K (us) wrote: H. Duff in the role of problematic young girl. It's interesting to see her in that movie ...... Watchable ....

Luciano G (au) wrote: The ending was good, the person who played the little girl was great in her part but the rest of the cast was just okay.....it's like a bunch of shortstories with a tiny very tiny thread between them....here's not much to say about this movie without spoiling stuff, I think if you are religious you are more likely to like it....

Dylan D (us) wrote: Ernest Goes to Jail is neither as funny nor heartfelt as Ernest Goes to Camp, but the movie still works perfectly well as a silly little diversion that's meant to be nothing more than that.

Brian O (es) wrote: A fun romp. Bill Murray's speech at the end was wonderful. This will become annual Christmas viewing from now on.

Jude P (us) wrote: What a waste of time, mean our time to watch and the time and money to make such idiotic movies.

Bill C (mx) wrote: Corny as they come; the musical numbers could not be more out of place - but we are obliged to view this B-western as a historical document. A classic Lionel Newman score is almost lost in all the commotion.Elvis' first film - re-mastered and released on Blu-ray in 2013.

Grant H (es) wrote: Bad movie. After a semi-interesting story in the first film, the writers decided to hardcore deviate from the book and gave us a very poorly-written and cliched story with dull pacing, good action sequences, and a solid performance from Woodley.

Reece L (nl) wrote: Funny, nostalgic, and well-acted, "Radio Days" is a solidly entertaining look at the golden age of radio.

Gaspar O (br) wrote: This may not have been a terrific film, but Jesse Eisenberg once again proves that he's a very fine actor no matter the setting. Tracy Morgan was funny as always playing an inept and awkward drug dealer, and, unfortunately, Melissa Leo makes any movie just a little bit worse. It was very frustrating to watch at times, as it was often a comedy of errors, but that is a certain level of success in my book. All in all, slightly above adequate on a couple good performances.