Ækte Vare

Ækte Vare

Michael is a Danish kid who grows up in a housing project with mainly foreign immigrants. Along with a group of childhood friends he is making music. He is clearly the talent of the group. ...

Michael is a Danish kid who grows up in a housing project with mainly foreign immigrants. Along with a group of childhood friends he is making music. He is clearly the talent of the group. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean P (ru) wrote: I was pretty bored. I really have to stop watching twenty something movies.

J M (nl) wrote: Very predictable plot. At times uncomfortably bad acting. At other times a somewhat hip fun adventure.

Timothy A (de) wrote: Less graphic than you'd expect (especially if you shelled out the extra two bucks for 3D), but a damn near perfectly crafted period melodrama.

NeCrO (it) wrote: I was pleasantly surprised .... This was greatish

Erm Christ G (au) wrote: It's a very mis leading title LOL!! It's nothing like happiness and even if it had had subtitles I still wouldn't have got the ending lol. But the acting was really good and there was some really imaginative camera work, particularly when the father first starts playing around with his new camera and it seamlessly cuts from the hand held mini-cam to the actual film.

Debarshi C (mx) wrote: great movie actually...the whole pace of the movie will keep u glued to the screen..

Thomas M (kr) wrote: Meh. Blade Runner did it better.

Gimly M (mx) wrote: Blade: Trinity completes the Blade trilogy in cinematic grandeur, and brings about Dracula, an inevitable source in almost every Vampire franchise ever conceived of.It was refreshing to have the "Elder" ruling-class/vampire-nation-lord/shadow-council thing dropped, since they were in both Blade and Blade II, and in both movies they were completely killed off, and ignored the existence of each other. Instead we have a group of happy-go-lucky vamps, who have on way or another made a mark in the world. You never find out how they managed to buy a skyscraper and a museum's worth of ancient art, but I'd imagine they had quite a lot of time to get their finances in order.Anyway, deal is these vamps, right? Uh, Danica Talos (Posey "Queen of the Indies" Parker; Scream 3, A Mighty Wind, THe House of Yes, Personal Velocity, Fay Grim), her brother Asher Talos (Callum Keith Rennie; Case 39, The X-Files: I Want To Believe, Normal, Falling Angels), Jarko Grimwood (wrestler Paul "Triple H" Levesque), and their offsider vampires go to Syria in order to dig up the slumbering Dracula (Dominic Purcell; Straw Dogs, Blood Creek, Equilibrium)... Or Drake (above right)... Or Dagon (above left)... They keep changing their mind. Anyway, after Dracula kills a bunch of them, he eventually agrees to join the team after he hears about the defender of humanity Blade (Wesley Snipes; New Jack City, Brooklyn's Finest, Chaos) whom he believes may be a worthy adversary. Blade in turn gets together with the vampire hunting cell called "Nightstalkers", led by Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel; the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Cellular and The Illusionist) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds; Van Wilder, the The Amityville Horror remake, Waiting..., Smokin' Aces, The X-Files, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Buried) and together they continue the war for humankind.With me so far? No? Well then, you're an idiot, read it again! While I'm on that, it's worth pointing out that where Blade's saving grace was this awesome mythos and story, and totally failed at character-ing, Blade: Trinity had fantastically written characters, in a sort of non-event storyline. Where Blade II blended them, making it the best in the series. Trinity was okay, but it lacked a lot of the engaging-ness from the previous 2.I think in part this is because the film is meant to sort of cater to the cinema audience. After the success of II, it's like they knew that people were going to go to the theatre for Trinity so they tailored the film accordingly. You know, just little things, cheesy lines come across in a way more badass way on the big screen. Montages can get tedious on the computer, but can often blow you away in theatres. Explosions and action and CG backflips always translate better in cinema than on DVD. Unfortunately, I own the DVD, not a cinema. Maybe the goddamn vampire pomeranian they threw in would've seemed less ridiculous if I'd seen Trinity when it came out in theatres, but I doubt it. I'd like to bring up the issue of names. Not that people have crazy name in these films, it's fuckin' Super Hero, of course they've got stupid names! I love it! But the Blade series seems to be populated entirely by characters with the "Saying Names" fetish. It's all "Hannibal King! Die", "Blade! There you are", "Whistler! Come save us." "Drake! It's him" and gets pretty unbelievably dramatic rather swiftly. Also, at one stage Hannibal King tells Danica Talos that her hair is ridiculous. And it really, really is. I mean, I'm a "goth", crazy hair's my favourite, hers just looks silly. Lastly, they make the same mistake I bitched about in my Blade II review again, but it's worse, maybe they're planning on leaving space for a sequel? I don't know, if you've seen the trilogy you'll know what I mean.It'll be interesting to see how Ryan Reynolds fairs. This Marvel film came out quite a while ago, since then he's played Wade Wilson in Origins: Wolverine, is about to play the eponymous Green Lantern for DC Films, he's set to return to the X-Men universe for Origins: Deadpool and hit Darkhorse (the guys behind the Buffy, Angel, Serenity and Hellboy comics as well as heaps of others) to play the protagonist in the upcoming R.I.P.D. I suppose if Chris Evans can get away with playing The Human Torch in Fantastic 4 and Rise of the Silver Surfer then move on to playing Captain America in The First Avenger I don't see why Reynolds can't pull it off. Hannibal was great, Ryan Reynolds is great but I'd be fine to see this be the end of it all here.61%-Gimly

Bryan G (kr) wrote: [font=Courier New]Writer/Director Stefan Avalos is one of the people responsible for the film [i]The Last Broadcast[/i]. Even though that film is constantly compared to [i]The Blair Witch Project[/i], I have grown to love the film and its documentary-style story telling of a fictitious event. When I learned of [i]The Ghost of Edendale[/i], I was curious to see how this director would expand on his career.[i]The Ghosts of Edendale[/i] is about a young couple, Rachel (Paula Ficara) and Kevin (Stephen Wastell), who have moved to California in hopes of making it in the business. They meet the neighbors, who all seem to be welcoming. But shortly after, Rachel begins to see things. She has suffered from mental illness before, so she can?t figure out if what she is seeing is a figment of her imagination or malevolent spirits. But after Kevin starts to act cruel and distant, it seems that the ghost of Edendale do exist, and have plans. [i]The Ghosts of Edendale[/i] has an interesting concept, but no clue on how to use it. And much like most episodes of [i]The Twilight Zone[/i], [i]The Ghost of Edendale[/i] could have been summed up in a few seconds rather than dragging itself out over the 90 minute run. It is weird that a film so short could feel so long. Sure it does have some chills here and there, but far too many slow parts in between.I was hoping to discover another hidden gem that would be a staple at Halloween time, but [i]The Ghost of Edendale[/i] isn?t what I was hoping for. The movie does have some history lessons to it that might strike interest in the truest of film geeks. Other than that, this is a film worth missing.[/font]

Sergei Z (jp) wrote: Solid classic k-horror movie. It can be a little confusing for a casual western viewer. I've loved a camera work though.

Dann M (au) wrote: Pointless shlock, Flirting with Disaster lacks focus and doesn't deliver very many laughs. After becoming a father Mel Coplin attempts to discover his roots by finding his birth mother, but the journey takes some strange turns as his case worker tries to track her down. Starring Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, and Tea Leoni, the casting's fairly solid, however the performance aren't that good. And the comedy is all over the place, resulting in an uneven tone. A poorly made film, Flirting with Disaster is an unfocused, rambling mess.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Early on, it really reminded me of "Grave of the Fireflies", but it took another tact than the desolation of war. It went into the ravages of old age and the effects of small, but important loss in one's life and how to struggle through those moments. Kyoko Kagawa stole the show every time she was on-screen as the professor's dutiful and--for the most part--silent wife. (I didn't realize I'd already seen her in so many things before until I looked up her filmography on IMDB. She's quite the actress, I guess.)

Gordon B (ag) wrote: I remember back in the 90s we got a bunch of movies about suburban yuppies being terrorized by psychos. So as 'Yuppie terror' the only thing that makes this film kind of watchable is Ray Liotta turn as a psychotic L.A. Cop

stefn birgir s (gb) wrote: Dennehy is John Wayne Gacy, one of the worst and infamous serial killers in history. Creepy.

Abhisek D (ru) wrote: Pure genious!!!Antinionioni leaves the movie mostly to his audience, who see what they want to see!!

Karsh D (nl) wrote: A touch over long and only "luck be a lady" being a real stand out song IMO but to see Brando and Sinatra on screen is wonderful at any time

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: Stop making a video game in a movie

Official C (us) wrote: It hungers for more character development and more work on the script. The film does have a couple of intelligent scenes, and a few star actors, but it fails to entertain.