Aku bukan tomboy

Aku bukan tomboy


Aku Bukan Tomboy" is a story of a tomboy (Scha Alya) who was raised by her single-parent father after the loss of her mother when she was just a child. Deep down inside, she has crushes on guys and fancies them, just like any other girl. Unknowingly, she is in a love triangle with two guys - Harry (Shaheizy Sam) and Burn (Syamsul Yusof). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (kr) wrote: Dario Argento gets things going with a very promising first half hour as blood and screams prevail, however the subsequent investigation to catch the killer is dull.

Dusty L (ca) wrote: 94% on my Tomatometer.

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Hayden H (ag) wrote: I was wrong to give this a B- this sucks and isn't great at ALL!!!

Nina M (gb) wrote: This was worth watching just to see Alexander Skarsgrd in drag! He?s actually kinda cute, and he?s nailing his part! He really is a good actor. It?s those small quirks and movements he adds to his character that does it. The movie in itself was rather boring, and all kinds of weird! It may have had a couple of half-good scenes, but they?re already forgotten. If it hadn?t been for my obsession with Alex and the fact that I always watch a movie till the end, I would have shoved it in the trash can after 30 minutes or so ? thankfully the virtual trash can seeing as I downloaded it.