Al final de la escapada

Al final de la escapada


Miguel Nunez knew the end was near. After a lifetime chasing utopias, gave his last bout, worthy of death, with the same revolutionary fervor with which he faced the Franco regime and Central American dictatorships. This is the story of a man who spent fourteen years in Franco's jails, was sentenced to death, tortured and risked his life repeatedly by his dreams of universal social justice. Coherent, lucid and sarcastic to the last breath, Miguel organized and controlled every detail of your life away. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (us) wrote: My only problem with this movie is that I'd like more back story on the setting, which speaks to how fascinating the setting is. The characters were equally compelling and it was just sick enough to make it impossible to look away from.

Wilman A (br) wrote: "The Kid with a Bike" is one of the most emotional movie i`ve ever seen. very deep, good drama and stunning ending. a bunch of morality message we can get from this movie. very good performances by all cast and one of the best directing i`ve ever seen. this is how drama movie can make you cry and feel emotional experience. the story is about one trouble boy who abandoned by his Father.the movie brought us the issue of unstable condition from this boy. we can`t blame the boy because this boy has no guider who can tell him what is right and no. Cecile de France success give us great character of honest woman who give her love and care to this boy although this is the first time she know this boy. absoultely i can`t find any flaw in this movie. the ending is very stunning and heartbreaking.the positive energy from this movie make me feel happy and touched.

Javier A (gb) wrote: Regular filme de esta famosa actriz porno basado en su libro. Antes de que Monica Lewinsky le quitara el trono.

Walt W (br) wrote: Pretty straightforward, without any "bells and whistles." Certainly inspiring to see how Dr. Carson was able to battle through so many things that might have otherwise kept him from the place he is now.

Kurt B (nl) wrote: The history is a bit spotty, but Baier has made a film that's still worth seeing.

Ben W (nl) wrote: An interesting concept at it's core, but the story was all over the place. Shyamalan came across as arrogant and vain.

Danielle P (ru) wrote: Not the best of movies but worth watching... Usually not into these types of movies but this one was worth watching and would probably watch it again...

Justin M (mx) wrote: Spock directed this movie...Wow. It has only about 2 funny parts.

Anthony H (de) wrote: This documentary feels almost as it could be just a hollywood movie, because the story behind its just makes it feel as if it was a wonderfully written screenplay, but the reality kick in that its just and unbelievable true story, almost to good to be true. While mainly focussing on Arnold the documentary also focuses on the toll and amount of effort men put into bodybuilding and its overall a great ride to watch.

Snigdh J (de) wrote: Music starts & stops abruptly.Dialogues also seem to have a pitch or varying intonation, even profanities are hurled musically.Anna Karina winks at the camera, beams at it sometimes and once in tears declares "A woman who can't cry is stupid".After all she is a woman and in many ways music itself. A Godard's musical had to be this way. Celebrating it in a way only he could, deconstructing it then infusing it in very essence of the film.Back to Karina, it's impossible to watch the film and not fall in love with her.Every frame she is in vibrates with colour and leaves you in a rapture over her. It's her film and in spite of Belmondo's stylish turn remains hers till the very end. Watch it if you haven't but do keep in mind that in the end "A Cinema is a Cinema".Nothing more.

Barry H (us) wrote: Reasonable movie but the ending just seems so wrong!

Edward A (ag) wrote: Finally saw this beautiful film.

Bradley C (mx) wrote: Great acting from Doris Day. She carries this film.

Djmk T (es) wrote: Was definitely not expecting much when I sat down to watch this movie. However, I was very much surprised. An interesting plot into the dark side of the art world. Very entertaining!

Jordan V (de) wrote: A pure slice of 80's with a cool whipped topping of social commentary. Delicious.