Rafael (Pierre Andre) is an actor who doesn’t believe in ghosts. One day, he’s offered the lead role in a horror movie and is very excited to carry it but fails to get into the groove due to his beliefs. He travels to many apparently haunted places but sees nothing that will help him act the part. His girlfriend Qiss (Fathia) tells her mother about Rafael’s plight and finally she reveals to him what “hijab” is. It is said that Rafael will finally “see”, if his “hijab” is open.

Rafael (Pierre Andre) is an actor who doesn’t believe in ghosts. One day, he’s offered the lead role in a horror movie and is very excited to carry it but fails to get into the groove due to his beliefs. He travels to many apparently haunted places but sees nothing that will help him act the part. His girlfriend Qiss (Fathia) tells her mother about Rafael’s plight and finally she reveals to him what “hijab” is. It is said that Rafael will finally “see”, if his “hijab” is open. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JuanPablo M (ca) wrote: A pesar de que el principio es un poco montono e inspido, el progresivo desarrollo de personajes resulta creble y envolvente, de modo que se desarrolla un conflicto moral-tico-exitencial que consigue motivar reflexiones y mover ideas. Algunos huecos en el guin y un ritmo menos trepidante de lo que pudo haber sido (sobre todo si se hubieran aprovechado ms algunos recursos divertidos que hacen apariciones demasiado breves) le restan calidad, pero sin arruinar la cinta por completo.

Madison L (mx) wrote: really enjoyed this - pushes the boundaries & doesn't kowtow to political correctness!!

Gary T (it) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures

Caleb L (mx) wrote: After sitting through 90 min of this movie I'm glad it's finally over! When one is being hunted they should be quiet and stealthy, but not in this film. The constant loud talking of each character is the exact opposite of stealth. They become so annoying that you begin to root for the villain to kill them so the movie will end quicker! DO NOT WATCH! 90 min of my life down the drain!

stefano l (it) wrote: Mah. Sad story, completely non sense. The story doesn't appear clear from the beginning to the end. The atmosphere of sadness is nearly stiffling, for the entire duration and it's just tyring. A very bad movie...

Private U (it) wrote: if you snowboard you need to see it, its awesome, its sweet how it shows the history of snowboarding

Jordan P (ru) wrote: Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale exhibit enough committed chemistry to add just the right amount of emotional complexity, making Vacancy a tense, terrifying experience that uses snuff filmography to illustrate the filmmakers' unabashed love for violent cinema.

Mago B (us) wrote: Si lo que quieren ver es una balacera sin sentido y contenido, mejor vayan y vean alguna pelcula de Michael Bay. Este es un trabajo que cuenta de una forma muy particular un hecho desastroso en la historia de Estados Unidos, y no solo porque aprovecha el material base que posee y lo cuenta todo bajo cortes temporales, rompiendo con ello las lineas narrativas convencionales; sino que con su fotografa de un tono que me atrevera a denominar "naturalista", expone el ambiente comn y habitual tanto de las vctimas como de los victimarios, y con ello nos comunica que estos no son personajes... son personas... personas vivas con sueos, hbitos, gustos, problemas, alegras, infortunios y dems... personas que fueron asesinadas a sangre fra, cruelmente.Evidentemente esta obra no es perfecta, es sencilla y diferente, y precisamente por ello muchas personas puede tacharla de aburrida, carente de dinamismo y mala en los trminos ms simples (sobre todo aquella gente habituada y arraigada a la pomposidad de Hollywood); no obstante, al Csar lo que es del Csar: esta una pelcula que presenta un acontecimiento escabroso a partir de un ngulo distinto, bajo una tcnica, si bien no particularmente artstica, efectiva e ingeniosa.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Written and directed by Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle (2004) and CJ7 (2008)), this Hong Kong action comedy is one of the most insane sports films you will ever see, and you can't believe a film like this was dreamt up. But, you have to hand it to Stephen Chow for having the balls to make this film, he definitely has a peculiar and wonderful view on the world, but an entertaining one at that. Sing (Chow) is a Shaolin master who wants to put his talents to good use, and make people do Shaolin as a past time, but he isn't having much luck. That is until he meets ex-footballer "Golden Leg" Fung (Ng Man Tat), who was a brilliant player back in the day until he was betrayed by businessman and football coach Hung (Patrick Tse). Sing gets together his brothers, Iron Head (Wong Yat Fei), Hooking Leg ((Mok Mei Lam), Iron Shirt (Tin Kai-Man), Empty Hand (Danny Chan Kwok Kwan) and Light Weight Vest (Lam Chi-chung) to form a football team, which Golden Leg will coach, and they use their Shaolin skills to play football, but it's done their way! Stephen Chow's films defy all laws of physics and they defy any sense of logic, and that's what makes them good, this is absolutely bonkers, and it's definitely a film for those who hate football, as it puts a better spin on the sport. You simply can't believe what you're seeing with this film, but you won't forget it in a hurry!

Phani T (jp) wrote: If Rowan Atkinson doesn't make you laugh, then either you can't or the movie is so bad. The second in this case. I was waiting for a kicker - it never came. Should've rewatched some of Mr. Bean instead.Skip it.

Waleed A (us) wrote: really horrible. i laughed in some parts, but there were so many horrid horrific horrendous scenes combining to be a complete mess of a movie. the only thing i liked about this movie was the girlfriend character. she was really funny (2 viewings)

Martin B (jp) wrote: Dennis Hopper was in bad shape in 1996. He really needed money to buy drugs. That's why he agreed to make crap like this.But it's an interesting failure. I generally don't mind sci-fi's with future mixed with specific other time periods, like here with 70-'s trucker drama in the 80's filmed in the 90's , supposed to be the 2190's. I mean I don't mind the idea.Some of the scenery is very nice, although it's very low budget the scenes in the space diner are well done, when it comes to the scenery. some of the robots look nice. The Villain star is pretty funny for a while in his 50% artificial mode until he winds up his organ like a lawn mover, than it just gets redicilous, and please don't get me started on the script and the lines these actors have to work through. Nothing could save this script. Dennis works hard, he really wants his money so he can get the hell out of here, but unforntually he has to play out this weird drama before he can split.

Simon D (ru) wrote: I like David Lynch's films generally but this was a bit disappointing. There were only snippets of his usual weirdness, next to none of his wit, and the characters were far from original. I'll not be watching this again although there are a lot worse films out there.

Edward F (nl) wrote: Poltergeist II is just as good as its predecessor.This time a preacher named Henry Kane starts to harass the Freelings and they must once again try to save themselves. Returning is Craig T. Nelson as Steve, JoBeth Williams as Diane, Heather O'Rourke as Carol Anne, Oliver Robins as Robbie, and Zelda Rubinstein as Tangina. New characters are Julian Beck as Kane, the evil preacher and Will Sampson as Taylor, who comes to help the Freelings. As the movie progresses, the Freelings soon discover the terrible link between Kane and the Beast.The acting is great. Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams give flawless performances, just like the last time. Julian Beck flawlessly gives Kane an air of creepiness. Heather O'Rourke gives another flawless performance of her own. Will Sampson does very good as Taylor.The special effects are perfect. They look just as amazing as what we saw in the original movie, albeit in a different way.The script is perfect. Mark Victor and Michael Grais expand on Poltergeist (1982) very well, providing a lot of insight into the original movie.Poltergeist II is just as good as its predecessor because it still manages to capture the magic of the original.

Oscar H (br) wrote: En extremt lgbudgetbetonad mix mellan The Terminator, Blade Runner, Highlander och Scanners, men med mycket hjrta. Logiken bland alla tidsresor och kroppsbyten som betas av r det sisdr med, men en lagom dos av glimten i gat gr att jag grna blundar fr detta faktum. En stenhrd, grnad hjlte i form av bortglmde Tim Thomerson och ett krleksintresse som spelas av Oscar-vinnaren Helen Hunt hamnar p pluskontot, men en ganska trist och intetsgande skurk hamnar i motsatt nde. Ljudspret dryper av ttiotalssynth och actionsekvenserna r underbart taffliga. Och har det ngonsin existerat ngon mniska med ett mer desmttat namn n Jack Deth?

Naomi G (mx) wrote: This and their Holy Grail movie are the only truly worthwhile films monty python ever did. The title is a bit of a joke itself, because all of the short, comedic set pieces that compose the film were originally aired on BBC as part of their tv show

Bobby K (fr) wrote: Even titans of the medium have their dull moments, and Torn Curtain is surely one of them. Uniformly boring except for maybe the two most famous scenes in the movie, this miscast and jumbled story wants to be several different kinds of films that Hitch could've knocked out of the park but becomes a mess of beyond belief. Watch for the sheer marvel of one of the medium's defining voices misfiring.

Akshay R (fr) wrote: A tighter script could have made this movie a nail-biting thriller!! ALAS, it is not!!

Weul S (ca) wrote: A ninth-in-line successor makes a killer beeline to dukedom, only to be accused of murdering someone else in this dark British comedy starring the great Alec Guinness.

Miriam S (it) wrote: It's hard to watch but u want to watch, unlike anything Ive seen. I understand why this is a cult classic. plain queery! Its sick, twisted, and just my taste!