Al otro lado del espejo

Al otro lado del espejo

A nightclub singer is haunted by the ghost of her late father. The dead man summons her through a mirror, forcing her to commit a series of violent crimes.

A nightclub singer is haunted by the ghost of her late father. The dead man summons her through a mirror, forcing her to commit a series of violent crimes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron M (de) wrote: Enjoyable but unremarkable.

Kevin J (ca) wrote: A mostly charming and pretty funny comedy, even if it does drag just a little bit

Danielle B (ru) wrote: Huzzah! This one didn't suck. lol

David L (de) wrote: Good mystery ladened gem from the same director that gave us the very excellent Dans La Maison. As usual, lots of sexuality that would pander to the perversion of some adults and good build-up. The French in general just have more fun!

Amelia S (us) wrote: Everyone must watch this immediately.

Kaitlyn L (ca) wrote: this movie sux, when are the olsens going to realize they should just give up acting and should just run their company, i mean their a lot better at making money, rich by like, what, 12, true moguls, still this film sux

A M (ca) wrote: Hauntingly beautiful. The ending was very surprising and will leave many in tears. However, the performance hits you hard as it is true for many and shows just how life can really be for most people.

Alejandro E (us) wrote: Unprejudiced bio of one greatest literary genius of XIX century

Mark B (us) wrote: boxing , gambling and one hell of a long night for lou gossitt jr.......

Cresswell S (mx) wrote: cold war film is pretty good.

Eileen M (it) wrote: provocative and fun and strange.

Paul J (nl) wrote: Strange and compelling concept didn't really come together for me.

Joseph A (jp) wrote: An interesting version, but not an instant favorite. It felt very rushed, so much so that I didn't feel that I knew the characters enough to care about their choices.

Deadly V (es) wrote: It's In The Trees! It's Coming!

Bill W (ag) wrote: Silly but entertaining light comedy not afraid to poke fun at itself

Jim H (mx) wrote: During the Spanish Civil War, an American mercenary works with a local group of fighters to blow up a bridge.I've written before that if there's a heaven, it must involve being loved by Natalie Wood. There's no reason not to add Ingrid Bergman to that list. Can you imagine both of them? It's hard enough to get one.Bergman and Gary Cooper maximize the small amount of time the story dedicates to their love affair, and they make what seems convenient believable.In typical Hemingway fashion, the story is about manhood and war but also love. And the group of people Cooper's character encounters are all round, interesting characters with complex backstories and intentions. Nobody is villainized, but it's nonetheless clear whom Hemingway respects.Cooper, whose reserved performance in Pride of the Yankees can't be underestimated, was, I thought, too reserved in this film, especially at the end. I think the film needed an emotional explosion, a last gasp for hope and love in spite of the degradation that surrounded him.Overall, this is a Hemingway story, so you know it's good, and the three hours goes by quickly.