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Julia R (ru) wrote: It's got a lot of wonderful tension and thrill, but it lacks substance and nuance. I feel like this movie tries to be more provocative than it actually is. I was genuinely creeped out and disturbed by certain scenes, but overall, I wanted just a bit more, a bit less cliche.

Amy N (de) wrote: I think this will be a great movie ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Jayden C (de) wrote: not really interested

Courtney C (nl) wrote: Got conned into seeing it. TERRIBLE!!! My mom and aunt went to sleep on it.

Tom R (us) wrote: (1 Star) It's kind of amazing how Flowers in the Attic is truly awful. It's frustrating, idiotic, and creepy, but not the spine-tingling, good kind of creepy. The doofy teenage main characters (Kristy Swanson, Jeb Stuart Adams) make the stupidest decisions and haven't the slightest clue how to escape an obviously escape-able situation. The depraved bitch Grandmother (Louise Fletcher, who I'm aware won an Academy Award for playing an evil character) is awful... It seems like she's caught between being balls-out crazy evil for no reason (ie Cruella De Vil) and fleshed-out dramatic evil (ie Hannibal Lector). It works for Kathy Bates in Misery, but that's probably because the main character isn't dumb as rocks.The ending is insanely staged, provides little retribution, and has a terrible resolution. Flowers in the Attic is the worst soap opera you can think of, with the melodrama dialed up. I feel like this could be a slimy, cheesy B-movie filled with revenge so that there would be some sort of enjoyment, but this film is what we got.

MJS M (ca) wrote: A later day John Huston film. This follows a diplomat to Mexico during the last day of his life, the action takes place immediately before the start of World War Two. The film is a tough look at this man?s alcoholic lifestyle, it acts more as a slice of life than as a real narrative story. The film has great atmosphere and the idea of setting it on the Mexican Day of the Dead was cool. The film will probably be remembered most for a great performance by Albert Finny.

Sam C (ca) wrote: an actually really comedic "slow burn" of a film that plays out perhaps the most realistic Ouija board unleashing ghosts scenario I've ever seen.