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Ala Modalaindi

On the day of his girlfriend's marriage, Gautam gets kidnapped by an unknown criminal. Bored on the way to the kidnapper's den, Gautam is forced to narrate his cute love story which is filled with loads of twists and turns.

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The rest of the story is all about how this couple finally realizes that they are made for each other after few years of courtship. Though both these people like each other, the fate intervenes to separate them at crucial moments. They keep bumping in to each other over a period of years. Nitya stays in Bangalore and Gowtam stays in Hyderabad. They hit off well and become instant friends. He attends the wedding of his girlfriend where he meets the another girl Nitya (Nitya Menon) dumped by the groom (her boy friend). He is nursing a heart break after his girlfriend (Kriti Karbandha) dumped him for another guy. Gowtam (Nani) works as a reporter for a television channel

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Users reviews

Andrew S (gb)

It is a great, untarnished reminder of the camera as a tool for telling stories in new and fun ways. The finale is fitting and satisfying, and though there are inconsistencies in which serials are best or most prominent, it remains a largely focused, genre-defining trip through early cinematic storytelling, free of a format that has come to define motion pictures and television alike. As with most movie marathons I suggest getting into it when you(TM)re slightly tired, when the body is happy to rest yet your mind is still ready to take in a story. Sure it is long, but as with long airplane rides, properly broken up and mentally prepared for it is quite a treat. This is one of the more relatable, timeless, and satisfying silent films I(TM)ve seen, and its constructs and stories are so active even today, that for all its aged aspects it remains relevant. All in all, it(TM)s an epic given in small, elaborate chapters, which is pleasing in its grand effect thanks largely to the buddy film at the heart of the investigation and some stunning, and (from a modern sensibility) wonderfully stylized special effects work. The total length allows for thorough, intriguing character developments and the promise that leads can happily switch sides and loyalties throughout, avoiding any explanatory monologues or jumps in logic that might compress such developments. The result is surprisingly fast-paced storytelling that is also boosted by the varying lengths of each little arc, which supply a spontaneity and energy void of unwanted filler in the name of uniformity. This inclusion of segments makes it a much less daunting beast to tackle, offering new arcs and small closures to break down the mammoth runtime. The ten segments range from 15 to 60 minutes in length, hardly offering the consistency of even a modern mini series, and well beyond the two, or even three hour length of nearly all of today(TM)s longest features. The most obvious example of this is the format in which it is presented. Showcasing everything from mysterious gothic costuming to one of film(TM)s first buddy action adventures, stunning sets and wild camera work, writer/director Louis Feuillade(TM)s film is a groundbreaking piece that is unconstrained by the conventions of modern cinema. What unfolds is a marathon of fast paced, whimsical set pieces with brilliant scope and daring experimentation. Working for good to stop these crooks are reporter Phillipe Guerande (Edouard Mathe) and his friend Oscar Mazamette (Marcel Levesque). ~Les Vampires(TM) is a 399-minute film (or rather film serial) broken into ten pieces, following the story of a mysterious gang that also gives the film its title

Ashley H (fr)

I was not impressed with this motion picture. Darrell Roodt did a horrible job directing this movie. The script is badly written. Patrick Swayze and Hallie Berry give terrible performances. It is about a deadbeat dad kidnaps his kids from the bus. Father Hood is a disappointing film

Chelsea M (mx)

I'd like to see the rest. . . I've only seen the last hour. . . From what I've seen, it was good

Clinton M (mx)

A little slow to develop, but definitely worth it. Face you will recognize. Good acting, great cameo by. Definitely a sundance style flick

Freeman M (mx)

One of Van Sant's best

Holly S (us)

Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. See it. Heartbreaking documentary about development and Austin, a city I've come to cherish

Jen S (jp)

It's sad that this is a true story because the movie is ridiculously stupid and I'm pretty sure monkeys have more acting skills than most of the people in this, including the lead. The acting was so horrible that I laughed through most of the movie. I was actually embarrassed for ice-T while watching this

Jessica S (us)

But I'm pretty sure it was pretty good. I haven't seen this in a long time

Johan A (ca)

En del av skmten har det frvisso vuxit mossa p, men se den nd fr dess frtjnster. Men kemin mellan Rock Hudson och Doris Day finns dr, och man br av princip se alla filmer dr Tony Randall spelar berusad eller alkoholist. Mycket lik, men inte riktigt lika bra som, Pillow Talk

Josh L (jp)

e ending is fantastic though, with you wondering about Brosnans fate, and the shoot out in the middle of nowwhere and finally that famous and great last line:"Be cool Charlotte, Be Cool". Man them Irish love their little recreational soccer field huh?) Alison Doody, who is more famous for her sophmoric last name than her acting talent is pretty cute too, and Brosnan is GOURGEOUS according to my mom and sister so apparently the girls will like this movie too. There's some tension that gets built and it takes a plot straight out of the Steven Segal movie Fire Down Below but isnt as stupid (although the whole subplot about the soccer field is pretty lame. The fight scenes arent top tier but they arent bad. I saw it in TV and enjoyed it