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Alamat ng 7 kilabot


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Vince B (us) wrote: Well, it is not good. One question: in the first ID, they go to lengths to state that Will Smith (Capt. Hiller) is not the boy's father. In the sequel, they say the boy is Will Smith's son. In addition to all sorts of other nutty errors, that seems like a major one.

Bruno V (it) wrote: 2 def people had a stupid relation , the guy an asshole , cute girl silent , to boring ...trash

mia f (kr) wrote: This was a great movie just like the first flicka!

David B (mx) wrote: American Rom-Com meets bollywood. Despite not expecting much from this movie, I found it quite heart warming with a good slushy ending. It put a nice smile on my face. Worth a watch.

Lupus D (it) wrote: I forgot everythin...

Alex H (fr) wrote: Even though I haven't seen most of what he's made, I still really like Wernor Herzog. He's crazy and great. I love a great deal about a lot of this movie, but in the end I just wasn't buyin' it like I'd hoped I would. Still, there's enough in here to chew on that I'll want to revisit it at least once in the future, and it will probably grow on me.

Joao M (it) wrote: Por Mais difcil que fosse,Marc Forster agradou em 007- Quantum Of Solace,Com um plot razoavelmente bom e cenas de ao muito boas,se mantem no nvel do seu antecessor,Cassino Royale.

Melissa W (ag) wrote: Good story, but there's really a lack of chemistry among the characters, and the lack of a back story for the mom character makes it impossible to really connect to her.

Andrew C D (fr) wrote: Incredible filmmaking can make low quality tactical readouts more suspenseful then any amount of explosions and shootings. Matthew Broderick invents the character that he is later typecasted as in Ferris Bueller and Ladyhawke: a manipulative, amoral, and even sociopathic teenager who, while he takes advantage of others at every turn, never intends any real damage and makes his deviant actions appear like harmless fun.