Alaska: Most Extreme

Alaska: Most Extreme


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Kay L (fr) wrote: "Look at us, we're total meathead losers and proud of it." Congrats, you've successfully made a campaign for abstinence. This was so boring, and if these people do exist without exaggeration, then I feel sorry for anyone who knows them. If you enjoyed this movie, you probably have major mommy issues.

Private U (it) wrote: one of the best movies that no one ever sees

Pia K (ag) wrote: Kai kerran kesss tytyy yksi Bond -leffa katsoa (uusintana)... ;) (Kuolema saa odottaa)

Warren M (de) wrote: A documentary in which the majority of the language was foreign and the message is understandable

JeanPol C (br) wrote: A big movie, a great movie

Nick A (gb) wrote: Every time I laugh so hard it hurts, I think of how the same thing happened to me the first time I saw Airplane!

Tracee E (mx) wrote: Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward have some excellent scenes in this movie also with real good comeback dialogue.Paul Newman is one fine, naturally classy actor, I say.