A tale of possessiveness and distrust towards one's partner and the eventual redemption by sacrifice.

A tale of possessiveness and distrust towards one's partner and the eventual redemption by sacrifice. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlton R (au) wrote: The animals are treated really badly in this film, apart from that there is nothing good or entertaining in this limp film

Ashley L (mx) wrote: It's essentially an Australian female led version of Red Dawn, but that was enough to make me really like it.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 (2007) The Evil Woods HORROR Another straight to rental camping horror film which on the first few minutes typically starts off with teenage nobodys getting killed by an axe, then the film jumps to a new group of teens who is going to receive the same treatment with a silly tale told by a passerby stranger about a forest ranger who was accidently killed by a cabin fire and a body that was never found- oooh, haven't we've seen something like this before! This slasher wears a coat with a hood long enough so that his face can't be seen in broad daylight, and his face is never shown so viewers will never know what this guy really looked like as a result of this fire. Also, the first hour, besides the couple killed at the beginning is one long introduction of the two new couples standing out is the fat, loud and obnoxious John played by Brad Elliot Smith which deserves one star. 1 out of 4 stars

Jed D (jp) wrote: Eye of the Beast, offers very little to the imagination and entertainment aspect of syfy films. Not at fault for acting. Just boring.

AD V (kr) wrote: Features more stingers than all of the Halloween movies combined. Its a silly mish-mash of horror cliches but there's enough energy and blood to keep the film from sinking into full-suck territory.

Connor N (au) wrote: The book was far better. The movie was incredibly boring and cheesy.

Veronica B (mx) wrote: Scenery was pretty. A fish out of water that got the town to love him. Very touching when the mute girl started talking and wanted him to stay.

Florence L (ru) wrote: A funny and entertaining teenage comedy. Love the cheating in this. Trevor Fehrman isn't too likeable though. Oh and I think more people should see this film. Too underrated.

Alan W (au) wrote: This is a good movie

AM Q (kr) wrote: Classic Disney live action. Plus Bette Davis still creeps me out.

Jon B (it) wrote: My parents took us to see this movie when we were kids. Lots of sentimental value. I still love it.

Constantine S (it) wrote: ??? ???? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ?????? ??? ??????????...

Anastasia B (es) wrote: one of the most entertaining films ever made about cinema itself.

Matt G (au) wrote: Such a noble swing-and-a-miss. In what may be the artsiest superhero blockbuster ever, I completely love the way Lee is bold in his stylistic choices, like the design of Hulk himself and the literal use of the comic book form in the cinematography & editing. But the visual touches are bombarded by completely vacant characters, misguided tonal shifts and a plot that's largely not compelling. An oddball, fx-driven action film that's too serious, too slow, too emotionally simple and too narratively complicated.

Brandon T (nl) wrote: It has some mildly amusing moments.

Yannis A (au) wrote: A highly intelligent script and fantastic film editing!

Joanna F (ag) wrote: funny, moving. a film we will watch again and again

Ronnel A (jp) wrote: The animation is mind-blowingly faultless but the overall screenplay is cringe-worthy half of the time.