• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Albakiara 2008 full movies, Albakiara torrents movie

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Albakiara torrent reviews

Ken T (au) wrote: Shot supposedly with camcorders...It was shakey and the acting was horrible. I got about a good 10 minutes in before I couldn't do anymore. Do not waste renting this one....

Conrad T (gb) wrote: Strictly Garbage. A Waste of time to watch.

Nathan B (fr) wrote: I hardly got through the first one, and I really tried to suffer through the second one, but just couldn't. I love retail, but even Bruce Willis act like he's never been to a Costco before in the very first scene is painful to watch, and then BAM!, something explodes...count me out.

Maggie B (br) wrote: okay, the main girl was totally black as a child. had a potentially not horrible backstory with the whole "genetically created" blah blah....very stephen king. the kids voice was hilarious, though

Justin S (au) wrote: Wesker cool, good effects, not as good when I first saw

Kassy S (jp) wrote: .....don't know what to put. no idea what it's about.

Eric N (it) wrote: If you don't mind full video-game cinema, this could be the movie for you. Holy, this movie is goofy, but it's entertaining. It is fantasy like The Storm Riders but modern day so it`s over-the-top and comical very much like the action in Scott Pilgrim only much more serious. I mean it`s almost Riki-Oh silly. It's got a nonsense story, the most pointless and 0-dimensional villain of all time... but it's still got nice visuals sometimes, especially in the end fight which is the stuff of legend. It`s all some great work from Donnie Yen and Nic Tse and the rest of the cast. I just can`t believe in the over-the-top abilities of these martial artist characters who are much more powerful than most superheroes but it`s impressive to look at. This definitely feels like it`s from the aftermath of Shaolin Soccer.One of the most entertaining pieces of pure crap I've ever seen.

IN LOVE (us) wrote: it is such a great movie, anyone with a tattoo should appreciate this movie. it is the ultimate chick flick.

Kiah T (ag) wrote: A heartwarming tale of a father's love and the fight for his children.

VJ B (us) wrote: The parole officer's subplot is sooooo European, but everything else is pitch-perfect. Add to your queue now. Not later. Now.

Gregory M (jp) wrote: Sweet and touching still not a great example of good film-making.Some good performances,both leads did a great job,Henry giving her best,but it lacked plot-wise.A sweet,coming-of-age movie,in a most dysfunctional setting.

Dane P (kr) wrote: 7 hours that could've been cut down to 1 or 2

Greg W (ca) wrote: one of elvis' best movies full of hit songs

Teemu P (fr) wrote: A couple of funny scenes but mostly a bit too childish. Pretty much what I expected based on the SNL sketches.