When Albert's best friend Egon goes missing, Albert embarks on an adventure to find him. Along the way he meets Sabrina and together they must save Egon.

When Albert's best friend Egon goes missing, Albert embarks on an adventure to find him. Along the way he meets Sabrina and together they must save Egon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frances H (au) wrote: Sensitive and beautiful film about a man who is paralyzed from polio and his quest to find fulfillment in sex and intimate love, and the woman who helps him achieve it. Wonderful acting by Helen Hunt, John Hawkes, William H. Macey and Adam Arkin.

Tom H (br) wrote: Despite some impressive dance moves, Streetdance is a cheesy British dance film that bloats stupidy, less interest and wooden dialogue all the way through.

Luke W (br) wrote: not as out there as Boosh but was a great film, good cameos and Farnaby is great

Erika G (es) wrote: Just like Ghost of Girl Friends Past does Hollywood make another dumb spin off of A Christmas Carol, only this time telling the story of a film maker named Michael Maloney(who seems sort of like Michael Moore) who hates America and the fourth of July and gets haunted by three ghosts who try and persuade him to change his attitude about America. I liked the Movie a Christmas Carol , but this movie I thought was very stupid and didn't really explain the past, present and future really .

Claire M (gb) wrote: Cute movie for kids.

Kaitlyn W (ca) wrote: It sounded weird at first then I watched it I like love it

Maxwell J (ca) wrote: EPIC foreign flick that metaphors heaven and hell so damn well; I can't believe this is not a top 100 pic.

brooklyn Man things a (it) wrote: there were sad parts then funny parts an it went for like years

Anthony S (us) wrote: This stage play turned film takes time to take off, but by 40 min or so it really gets interesting and dialogue picks up. One of Altman's better efforts amongst his many failures.

Lee M (jp) wrote: Gritty revenge western with McQueen in top form.

John S (de) wrote: In some ways, A Pistol For Ringo plays out like a typical entry into the spaghetti western genre, but it manages to establish it's own distinction by recreating some of the usual tropes of the genre. It may not be as stylish or exciting as the best of the genre, but the film is still a highly entertaining film with a delightful lead character and interesting plot twists.

Thomas E (mx) wrote: I laughed really hard at this one, it's hard to believe that he had a heart attack during this one, when the bell rang and he ran up 65 stares in 7 seconds. Poor Jerry.

Austin F (kr) wrote: 91% Cast Away's story of survival is as strong as Tom Hanks's performance. It also has some intelligent dialogue, and managed to make a volleyball make us cry.

Jonathon G (mx) wrote: I really enjoy the story and idea behind this movie.

Anna B (kr) wrote: Pretty minor Allen, elevated by Darius's beautiful wides and masters (the one-shots and close-ups are typically awkward) and the second half's subversion of all the nostalgia-worship that was happening. Rachel McAdams and her family are awful caricatures, and not in a funny way, either.