Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai

A man from Mumbai (then Bombay) is angry about various issues in different circumstances.

A man from Mumbai (then Bombay) is angry about various issues in different circumstances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Ata Hai torrent reviews

Paul D (fr) wrote: Frightening expose of a very possible real life dystopia to come.

Dorian G (fr) wrote: Yay! Funny. I love Charlie Day. The rest are awesome too, especially Colin Farrell. Too bad he couldn't be in it longer.Watched (probably for the 5th time since it was released, I just never rated it before) on Popcorn Time with Sam at her house, October 13, 2015.

Mark L (gb) wrote: Not quite as good as Flame and Citron, mainly because the characters are too generic and the formula too predictable. It's all a bit black and white.

Alycia G (es) wrote: so i went into this movie with an open mind...we were the only ones in the theatre, and we spent most of the time laughing because it was such a bad movie...had potential but failed

Tuomas S (es) wrote: Interesting atmosphere but the script sucks.

Lester Y (de) wrote: Extremely sloppy, and, like, not the good Hardcore kind, either. Actually, it's the polar opposite of the awesome music it's covering. There's absolutely no energy, nothing that really ties the interviews together (actually shocked by how much I hated the movie because of a lack of cohesion), and jumps all over the place, consequently leaving behind critical aspects of the scene. Really, it's just a series of nonrelated testimonials from a bunch of old people. C'mon, son.I liked the footage of Void. They did a good job getting pretty much every important piece of music from the scene. My cage is clean, can I go home now?

Robert M (jp) wrote: A funny and comedic film about getting accepted to college. I thought the film's plot itself was cleverly done for a comedy when I first watched this. Justin Long had a pretty good part as the main character and so did Jonah Hill as his friendly sidekick. Most of the acting was probably not the greatest, but I still had a good time with the rest of the hilarious cast in this film. I also happened to watch this for the first time when I was around a month in my first year of college. Would want to recommend this to other college kids and to anyone else who wants another good laugh out there.

Paula K (ru) wrote: A must-see for anyone interested in musicology or folk music, even if it is a fictional story.

Dima P (de) wrote: Great action and fighting style, but the movie and script is a total failure.

Andressa B (jp) wrote: Best terror movie ever!!!!! Scared the s#$% out of me!

Missy R (ag) wrote: This is River's last OFFICIAL film, and seeing him so near death was hard for me to watch. He portrayed his character beautifully, and made you believe that he was that heartbroken over his wife's passing..the film in and of itself is weird, but overall good.

Josh R (ru) wrote: I don't wanna even watch this one, but I'll probably have to for my review page..

Graham J (ca) wrote: DePalma's epic war film explores the dark sides of men in combat and features many outstanding performances.

Augustine H (kr) wrote: A perfect gift to college students and those who are fond of knowledge, especially literature. Generally a light and enlightening comedy but the ending is extremely sad. Julie Walters and Michael Caine are great!

Greg W (mx) wrote: show case 4 scream queen karen black queen of seventies pix

Kyle A (us) wrote: It's the first film that I've seen that encaptures Christian life in America without being overly heavy-handed and preachy. I think some secularists might disagree with me on that statement, but I stand by it. "Blue Like Jazz" is conscious of hypocrisy within religion and showcases how extremism & misrepresentation can destroy religious leanings while urging people to recognize the imperfection that lies in all of us. It reminds us that moral belief without actions that follow those moral beliefs lead to confusion for the individual and backlash from society. While I connect with the film more than people outside my religion will, at its core "Blue Like Jazz" is a lesson in accountability for one's actions. It's a 'battle call' of sorts to lead by example or else we will have to brave the consequences of running a society that is based in confusion. I don't know about you, but society looks pretty confused and narcissistic these days. It could use some people that lead by example, that lead with moral conviction. "Blue Like Jazz" is Arpke Approved at 4 out of 5 stars.

bill s (nl) wrote: One of the best movies of the year,this will make you stand up a cheer with one after another great performance.The little movie that comes up big,Carell's best performance.

Nate T (ca) wrote: The best of what can be called, "the New Woody Allen Phase". On Blu-ray.