Albert's Memorial

Albert's Memorial

One-off comedy drama that follows the story of three World War II veterans: Harry, Frank and Albert. It is October 2000 and, at the age of 76, Albert's dying wish is to be buried on the little hill outside Hinderburg in Germany where he watched the Russians take position in the closing stages of the Battle for Berlin. The notion of Harry and Frank transporting Albert's body after his death is a crazy one, but life is short, friendship precious and, after all, the trio have known each other for more than half a century.

London, 2000:- Terminally ill Albert summons old war buddies Frank and Harry to his hospital bed with a bizarre request. When he dies, he wants them to snatch his corpse from the hospital ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rex G (de) wrote: Scott Leet's portrayal of a squirmy and extremely unstable and dangerous killer is sadly overlooked in this low-budget but well-acted semi-biog. Since the real horrors of Bonin's reign of terror are much abbreviated here, the film may or may not suffer in some people's opinions. I didn't think so, it's not a gore fest and I wouldn't have watched had it been so.

Sam M (fr) wrote: If you like movies with cheap rapid-fire gags and nothing else, I still wouldn't recommend this.

Matthew M (nl) wrote: This is the first film that introduced me to Evan Rachel Wood, and the reason why we are falling on her.

JY S (au) wrote: Leave it to Johnnie To to make something good out of what seemingly seems like nothing. He shows once again why he is one of my favorite directors.The film plays out like any other Johnnie To Hong Kong crime drama. Slow paced, minimal dialogue, and little to no action. Sounds boring right? Well, those of you who have seen Johnnie To films should know that with his direction and writing, these films turn out much better than the cliched Hong Kong action films. The great cinematography and storytelling more than make up for the lack of action and dialogue.The story is actually pretty slim at the beginning, but as the film moves on the story becomes a little more deep. There are times when the story may seem off-track, but the great ending is where everything unfolds and all the characters come together. The ending really is the high point of this film. This is where you get the only shootout and Johnnie To, once again, is able to create a piece of work out of it. Great stuff. Another nice thing about this film is that it all takes place in the matter of one nights time. So yes, it is a dark film, settings wise.The usual Johnnie To cast of Simon Yam, Maggie Shiu, and Lam Suet are able to bring the good acting to this film. My only complaint is that Maggie Shiu's character should have gotten more airtime.This isn't Johhnie To's greatest work, but like Tarantino films in America. This film is still much better than many other Hong Kong films out there. Give this a watch if you're a fan of the To.

Stevie S (kr) wrote: LMFAO that opening song felt like an hour. Whoopi is kind of boring in this movie but all the other nuns are hilarious! especially the fat chick from Hocus Pocus! I love her in this movie.

Jessica M (gb) wrote: It's been mentioned before, but Edie is the only real draw to this film. She is incandescent (probably because of the massive amounts of speed she was on) in the "flashback" 1967 scenes, and bordering on grotesque in the "modern" 1971 scenes. Either way, you can't really look away. She is a great and tragic reminder of fame's tendency to chew you up and spit you out, and much like Marilyn in her later films, you just want to give her a big hug and tell her that it will all be okay. That being said, the rest of the film is somewhat... icky to watch, with all male characters having that greasy STD look about them that was so popular in the 1970's (except the Jesus character, who had beautiful eyes.) The plot was at best confusing, and not in an entertaining way (at least if you aren't on drugs when watching it.) The constant breasts are obviously exploitative, and the alien/spaceship references are obtuse. I don't regret watching it, but certainly don't recommend.

Michael M (it) wrote: What we have here is essentially a standard slasher movie with a twist that is admittedly damn intriguing. The idea of death itself being the killer rather than an unstoppable shark like Freddy or Jason is actually pretty terrifying. Jason may be immortal and unstoppable, but he doesn't have the power of the whole freaking universe like death does, the ability to make everything in your environment a hazard. That's actually pretty scary, and one of the movies strong points. Despite this, it never feels quite as scary as it could. Tense sure, thrilling even, but not scary. The characters are all pretty clichd cartoon versions of people, but they get the job done, and I was at least somewhat invested in seeing them survive. The death scenes, which is really why people see these things, are pretty creative and the unique premise gives them a chance to do some intriguing stuff with them. It's an enjoyable movie, maybe not as good as it could have been, but about as good as what they sought out for it to be.

Maura P (ru) wrote: pretty sure it'll be bad, but what the hell

Laura L (fr) wrote: With this being a biopic about a playwright I didn't know anything about, I thought it would just turn out to be a mushy melodramatic mess. I was wrong. This film is great in blending tragedy and comedy. The comedic elements really emphasized the dark wit of Orton. I love the Brits for their black humour, and this film certainly has great moments of it. The sickest and funniest scene is when Orton gives his mother's false teeth to one of the actors before they go on stage. I thought the ending was slightly humorous, and that might make me a sick person. Halliwell's face while he is murdering Orton is suprisingly funny. That scene creates an explanation for the conflict between Orton's dramatic life off stage and the humour in his plays. While Oldman is brilliant as always in this, Alfred Molina's perfomance as the pathetic and brutish Halliwell is what really shines through.