Albino Farm

Albino Farm

College students exploring the Ozark Mountains for a school assignment, stumble upon a group of scary, redneck cave-dwellers.

College students exploring the Ozark Mountains for a school assignment, stumble upon a group of scary, redneck cave-dwellers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stanley C (br) wrote: Sausage Party is the Bernie Sanders of animated movies, thanks to Seth Rogen's clever contributions. It is the antidote for Bible-thumping fat pig Donald Trump's bigoted, retarded bias against non-believers and speaks out against Christian supremacy. It was wonderful to actually see any kind of dynamic character development, as I particularly liked Brenda and Lavash changing their minds and ideologies to become better people and realize their mistake in using religion to bash other foods, who have potential to be their friends, not their rivals. In my opinion, Sausage Party is a must-see for global warming deniers who keep using religion to keep their happiness secure that they're safe just cause they believe God nullifies the physics of climate change, the foods in the grocery market are too occupied with believing that religion is always right because it makes them happy and full of hope. The jokes, voice talent and humor mocking anti-Semitism, especially the Israel-Palestine dispute make Sausage Party a great movie that can surely encourage computer animation for adult movies in the future. This was such an enjoyable experience getting to watch a great satire that mocks religion and religious fanatics. Sausage Party is officially my favorite movie of 2016.

Walter M (nl) wrote: In "A Bag of Hammers," Ben(Jason Ritter) and Alan(Jake Sandvig, who also co-wrote with director Brian Crano) are a couple of con men who specialize in stealing cars from cemeteries. They figure that has to be better than the gig Melanie(Rebecca Hall), Alan's sister, has as a waitress in a waffle house. There is also Ben and Alan's sideline interest in real estate where they rent a house to Lynette(Carrie Preston) who can barely make ends meet or take care of her son Kelsey(Chandler Canterbury). With a very good cast(Gabriel Macht is around here somewhere) and a refreshingly positive take on irresponsibility, "A Bag of Hammers" still cannot overcome its awkward blend of quirky and realism. First, if you are going to have quirky thieves, you need to have them steal quirky things. By comparison, no matter their modus operandi or how much they do not want to admit it to themselves, Ben and Alan are in the big leagues by stealing cars. On the other side, as the only places she apparently looks for work is from temp agencies, Lynette is badly underwritten, which cannot be improved upon no matter how much life Carrie Preston may try to futilely breathe into her. And without much in the way of a plausible story, that's pretty much it, except for one nice long shot of bad news being delivered.

John B (fr) wrote: I'm always fascinated by the story of Disney and how it has evolved over the years. Those who can remember that far back will remember the problems of Disney in the '80s. An interesting look as to how Disney recaptured its animation magic.

Brian G (gb) wrote: A unique vision on the classic tale. Pony provides visuals and a touching story perfect for children who are just starting their tour of Miyazaki's world.


cyn w (ag) wrote: I really need a tissue with that movie!

James H (ag) wrote: Entertaining western comedy, Don Knotts is perfectly cast and does a terrific job. Good supporting cast. Nice production, good sets and costumes.

Chad F (es) wrote: The only movie I watched and thought Tom Cruise is a bad ass

Brian S (br) wrote: Apparently, the writers of the X-Files wrote this movie. And they did an excellent job on it ! In my personal opinion, this is the best horror ghost movie of 2000. It's well paced and has great and original story to it. Just like Roger Elbert said, this is really one of the smarter modern horror teenage movies. And the deaths scenes for the characters and over the top, very creative. Recommended !!

Harry W (us) wrote: Surprisingly, in this biting teen horror it is the scenes that are meant to be the scary ones that dissasociate the film most from its audience. Diablo Cody proved herself with Juno to be a respectable screenwriter with an extremely personal style, but I just wish she hadn't tried to make such an action-y film and instead chose to focus on a more humble and talkier product. As it is, Jennifer's Body is quite edgy and witty, just not as original as it could have been and Fox is on peak form and completely overshadows Seyfried.

Anthony K (it) wrote: Leviathan actually begins on an interesting note, taking care to introduce most of the characters as well rounded individuals, but that's where all pretense of this being a good movie stops. Characters talk in circles to explain the intricacies of the mining station, the "creature" is neither scary nor makes much sense as an organism and by the end, the film could easily be confused for one of the Asylum's masterpieces. Overall, it comes off as nothing more than a cheap knock-off of The Abyss.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Paranormal Activity is a slow burning found footage film that drags the first hour out with the odd scary bit, Then in the last 15 minutes it comes to life but not enough to make up for the first hour, The plot is simple but affective, A few scares but more freaky than anything.