Alcan Highway

Alcan Highway

Alcan Highway is a filmed diary of a one dream on its way to fulfillment. The Documentary depicts the story of Hese making his dream come true; with the help of his friends he attempts to fix a truck, build a home on top of it, and drive it from Wasilla, Alaska to the Vancouver island. Hese is trying finally to get a home.

Alcan Highway is a film about a journey, a dream which seems to be coming true. But is it what Hese really wanted? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alcan Highway torrent reviews

Alberto N (nl) wrote: In my opinion the acting was good and the movie was entertaining.

Tyson P (gb) wrote: overall a pretty bad movie with atrocious acting/dialogue but the kill scenes were nice a brutal

Jerry B (de) wrote: I'm frankly stunned that there isn't a single review on this exceptional film! It is a tour de force depicting existential philosophy morphing into psychoanalysis. The acting is brilliant, the script is smart, the photography is crisp and inventive. It's a brilliant period piece depicting the basic human search for meaning and relevance. Despite its message, it never stoops to bringing a 2x4 up side the head. Subtle, sophisticated and provacative; if you appreciate historical period pieces, this is a good watch!

Vasco M (it) wrote: Outstanding cinematography and dedicated, uncompromising performances overshadow any questions that would suspend my disbelief in order to enjoy the brilliant work done throughout the movie.

Anders A (it) wrote: Brilliant thriller, realistic as few others. Gut ripping disappearance, and a man left with millions of unanswered questions. A calculation monster of a sociopath carries the answers.

Jim P (ag) wrote: this is a stupid funny movie. love the cheese.

Omar M (de) wrote: Looney Tunes director Frank Tashlin, creates a Looney Tunes version of Mad Men, complete with a high pitched squeling Jane Mansfield, and starring Tony Randall. Candy CinemaScope fun.