Aldri annet enn bråk

Aldri annet enn bråk

The Bråten family lives on the top floor in a sublet appartment in the suburbs of Oslo. The father, mother and 5 kids all share the space of this 1 room and a kitchen appartment. The father...

The working-class family Bråten is living in a top floor of a tenement house on the outskirts of Oslo. The family includes three sons and two daughters, mother and father in one room and kitchen. Mother Hulda is the family hub while Mr.Bråten itself is a silent and withdrawn worker. Children contribute in their own way to the neighbors are right when they exclaim: Never anything but trouble! There are problems for all when the police come into the picture after the one his son is participating in a car theft. Middle of all this chaos, 16-year-old Maiken (Vigdis Røising) moves out and seek questionable friends, which brings her into conflict with his father. A tragedy brings the family together again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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