Aldri mer 13!

Aldri mer 13!

13-year old Rikke sees Bea, the new girl in her class, as a challenge.

13-year old Rikke sees Bea, the new girl in her class, as a challenge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mattie B (it) wrote: While it has less in suggestions that is both typical and understandable for a documentary. It does its job well of being balanced about the problems in our government. Few documentaries actually are optimistic and suggest solutions that are both helpful and possible if people work together.

Aodhan R (us) wrote: Sylvester Stallone plays one of his finest roles since John Rambo. He delivers an excellent performance to a character so cold-blooded, merciless and sentimental called Jimmy Bobo - 75% psychopath, not to be compared with John Rambo, who lived a life of isolation and guilt over the years. Stallone basically plays a hitman, who obtains a thirst for vengeance when his longtime partner is brutally murdered. Jimmy Bobo is a very interesting character, with no definite back ground, innumerable times spent in prison, indefinite if he's a contracted assassin or not. He's a character worth studying clearly; he seems like a good assassin who always annihilates his targets without failIng, and he's almost completely sentimental. He's nothing compared to Stallone's previous similar role in 'Assassins' - Robert Rath lived a life of guilt over what he's been doing as an assassin and wants out, unlike the heartless, merciless, cold-blooded killer Jimmy Bobo. Walter Hill's direction in this movie was absolutely superb like some of his previous work in the eighties like 'Red Heat' which he worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger in. The writing is also fairly good.What I love most is the action scenes. There's a lot of scenes of Stallone and the villain, played by Jason Momoa annihilating targets by shooting single rounds to their foreheads - killing them instantly - and it's really fun to watch nonetheless (Stallone and Momoa handle pistols with engaged silencers to prevent a proper bullet sound when disposing of targets and it's exceedingly fun for an action flick).It's definitely one of Stallone's best roles and best movies with unlimited action and it's in line somewhere with the 'Rocky and Rambo' series, 'Cobra', 'Assassins,' 'The Expendables movies' and 'Demolition Man.'

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Nadie queda con cabeza en esta pelicula, atrevida satira sobre la politica internacional.

Calvin R (ag) wrote: Typical and yea it had it's moments, but it wasn't enough to make it an actual outstanding gay flick!

Thomas D (jp) wrote: 'Insurrection' plays very much like Star Trek's tribute to Seven Samurai. A task many films have attempted and failed to do, but with a formidable script and solid performances, I had some fun with Star Trek Insurrection.Though I enjoyed the film, I don't really understand why they changed up the formula from the previous installment, First Contact. Instead of feeling like the next step in the film series, Insurrection seemed like an extended The Next Generation episode. It doesn't take away from the quality of the film, but it does feel like the spectacle of the other films was taken out of it.Picard and his crew stumble upon a possible conspiracy on a guarded but medically advanced planet and take matters into their own hands. Unlike either of the previous two TNG films, there is a legitimate attempt at character development. For someone who wasn't a viewer of the TV series, I was grateful for it. With that said, the push for a romantic interest for both Picard and Riker felt forced. Whether it was the acting, writing, or direction the romance angle didn't feel like a natural progression of the story.Being that it does feel similar to a Seven Samurai-esque story, I found myself more attached to Data's developing relationship with the young boy from the village. As well as the increasingly intriguing story behind why there is an alien race set on abducting an entire planet of people. Both of those story points worked well.Sure, there are a few editing issues and plenty of scenes that don't work or even make sense at all, but the different approach to this Star Trek adventure proved to be all I needed to enjoy my time watching Insurrection.+Data+Interesting plot developments late in the game-Romantic subplots-Extended TV episode approach didn't always pan out6.3/10

Matthew W (us) wrote: It seems like a hodge-podge of all the cliches that the director wanted to jam into this film. A disrespect to the actual service members of Air America.

John P (mx) wrote: There has long been a good deal of debate within certain circles about the identity of the worst director ever. These days, the most common response would probably be Michal Bey. True, his movies suck, but they're still good enough to bring in millions for their studios. Others would point to German director Uwe Bol, whose series of video game adaptations has resulted in a petition calling for him to never direct again. Last I heard, this petition has over 10,000 signatures. I personally would choose the little known Coleman Francis, creator of such atrocities as The Beast of Yucca Flats and Night Train to Mundo Fine. But one name that keeps popping up is that of Edward T Wood. Unlike most B movie directors, Wood wasn't in it just to get a paycheck and see his name in the credits. Wood was hardworking, earnest, and oh so eager to make a good movie. But the fact was, he lacked any formal training or innate skill. He has a reputation for making guys like Roger Corman and Bert I. Gordon look like Spielberg. I've known for some time now that I had to see (and most likely ridicule) his work, and I decided to start with his second film, Bride of the Monster. Bride is truly remarkable in that it is made entirely of clichs. The mad scientist, the hulking, mute henchman, the hardnosed reporter and her boyfriend the cop, the mysterious character who may know more than he's telling, even the dark and stormy night; they're all here. The scientist (played by Bella Lugosi!) has created a process that can turn normal human beings into giants with 'the strength of twenty men'- if it doesn't kill them, which is what's happened to every test subject so far. With this process, he seeks to- all together now- conquer the world and gain vengeance on those who have wronged him. Like all self respecting mad scientists, he has a monster to guard his lab, in this case an octopus. In most scenes, the octopus is brought to life through the magic of stock footage. But for scenes where the creature deals with the professor's unwanted guests, Wood used a mechanical octopus, reportedly stolen from the Republic Studios lot. But he forgot to steal the motor, so it's painfully obvious that the actors are just writhing around and moving the tentacles themselves. Fortunately for viewers, this spectacle is as funny as it is pathetic. It's also worth noting that most of the people in this movie are idiots. For instance, the pair of hunters in the opening scene run from the mad scientist and his henchman even though both of them have guns. And the pretty young reporter thinks that it's a good idea for her to go investigate the old house in the middle of the swamp on her own. For that matter, why is she the first one look into the house? By this point, twelve people have gone missing in the swamp, and rumors of a monster abound. Hasn't it occurred to the police that they might want to take a look at the only building in the swamp? I suppose if they had the pretty girl never would have found herself in peril, and then we wouldn't get the climactic final scene in which the police arrive to save her. Oops, I just gave away the ending! The bottom line is that nothing in this movie is done right. The actors convey no more emotion than if they had been reading from a teleprompter, their lines sound like they were written by an eight year old, production values are abysmal, and the entire plot is an exercise in predictability, which relies on people doing the dumbest thing possible in every situation. But the whole thing has such an earnest, amateurish feel that it's still watchable. It's a bad movie, no doubt about that, but it does have an almost endearing campiness to it. This is the kind of movie that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was made to showcase, and show it they did, in one of their best episodes.

John B (ca) wrote: An early and slightly dated look at racism. It was probably great for its time and kudos to the maligned Kazan for bringing it forward. Don't expect too much and you will enjoy it.

Shaun B (it) wrote: A lot of people and critics seem to like this one. I feel asleep (willingly) after ~47 minutes in when I realized that the comedy is not in my style (far too dry and obvious) even once the boozing finally comes into play. The monster effects are not bad but there were no scares to be had from what I saw. Maybe you have to be drunk off your rocker to enjoy this one, but it seems rather tame in most departments (in particular, the writing of the script). Disappointing.

Sam S (mx) wrote: I thought it was a pretty good action thriller about a truck driver played by the late Patrick Swayze who just got out on Parole for serving time for vehicular manslaughter and is offered a job to haul a load from Georgia to New Jersey in order to save his home but then realizes that he's hauling a load of illegal firearms and this one group of people is out to get him and his family if he doesn't deliver the firearms. It was a good action movie overall but I guess it could've had more action in it!