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Tiklu S (es) wrote: movie is mindblowing

Andy G (ag) wrote: very bad horror comedy movie

Margot M (it) wrote: True story and awesome!

Gavin K (nl) wrote: Hhhmmmm was really enjoying it until the end which just seemed rushed and totally ruined a good slasher thriller

Kaylynn K (it) wrote: Liked it and think it takes you right back to high school. I wanted to yell at some of the characters about what they were doing and how dramatic they were being.

OH O (kr) wrote: One of the best comic book movies ever made. Christopher Nolan revived the Batman franchise after the terrible piece of trash known as "Batman & Robin". Christian Bale was a fantastic Batman and all the rest of the performances were solid too. The movie is also beautifuly directed with a realistic aspect given to it. Bruce Wayne's journey as he becomes Batman is facinating to watch. The movie is perfect in every way. Definitely one of the best Batman movies.10/10 - Masterpiece

Earl D (ca) wrote: Old movie but look at the name....enough said.

Ken T (ag) wrote: This was actually a pretty good remake of a classic...A more modern flare that the Sydney Poitier version"

Stella D (it) wrote: absolutely brilliant next-level stuff, but don't watch it until you've seen 'where is the friend's home?' it's a crime that these aren't available on dvd in us

Russell S (us) wrote: In a shortened version this would have made for a great episode of the Twilight Zone! Oddly intriguing and a movie that despite it's almost comical premise works well enough to keep you watching until the end.

Alexander F (au) wrote: Talk about all the wrong moves.

Carol H (gb) wrote: This is a very weird movie. Not only are the special effects dated, but the story is impossible to follow.

Ian C (ca) wrote: This is the first Chick N' Chains flick I have seen that isn't based/shot in the Philippines. Roberta Collins is hotter than ever. In a weird way the final act kind of reminded me of 'Straight Time.

Daniel S (ru) wrote: Little big man is a great western film that was really the first truthful western movie on Indian people. Dustin Hoffman is a great lead in the story as we follow him through life growing up as a human being(cheyenne) and leaving the tribe and coming back many times. The movie overall does not take itself to serious and leaves you dying of laughter many times. But it does have its intense moments that evens it out and proves its point. The final battle leaves you dying of laughter and sad to see these characters we come to care about say goodbye. But it ends in a way where you are not laughing and instead thinking. The comedy the main character and drama makes this a must see western and timeless classic.

Youssef H (gb) wrote: It has Chabrol written all over it! Tensed drama, mystery, thriller and his famous mock for the bourgeoisie class. And it couldn't get any better.

Grant H (ag) wrote: Bad movie. Despite utilizing some of the successful aspects from the first film, the film has no solid plot or character development, resulting in a repetitive and uninspired sequel that features solid performances from Curtis and Pleasance.

Jason B (us) wrote: Here is the long awaited sequel to a true classic!!! The rascals deliver another barrel of laughs in this hilarious film!!!!!