Alenkiy tsvetochek

Alenkiy tsvetochek

The tale of how dangerous time conversion to winter time.

Before going on an overseas journey, a merchant father asks his three daughters what they would like him to bring back for them. The eldest asks for a shining tiara, the middle asks for a frame through which her face would always appear young, and the youngest (Nastenka) asks her father to bring her a beautiful scarlet flower like one which she saw in her dreams. Her elder sisters laugh at this simple wish. The father's trip is successful and he finds everything that he came for, with the exception of Nastenka's scarlet flower. Nevertheless, the ship heaves off and they begin to head back while the father scans the lands around him for a scarlet flower. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica F (ag) wrote: i could not turn it off. Its a very fun movie. Even though i don`t agree with the premesis.

David T (ru) wrote: Nick Broomfield's documentary doesn't answer all the questions but actually poses a lot of new one's in this thrilling look at one of the most notorious gangland slayings of all-time.We might never know what actually happened on the nights of September 13, 1996 and March 9, 1997 but one thing does seem apparent and that is some sort of cover up has prevent the truth from becoming know either by the people at record labels of both artists or police detectives involved in the case.

David S (mx) wrote: A feminine twist on the film "Shallow Grave", even with Scottish accents intact! However, the film is nowhere near the quality as its source of inspiration. The script tries to be clever with several twists, but by and large they are routine and predictable. The story seems to merely go through the motions and doesn't aspire to be fresh or original. The performances, however, are indeed solid with both Lynch and Weisz giving feisty portrayals.

G Brandon H (es) wrote: A powerful and moving film. Feels very authentic and genuine in everything from its story, characters/acting and locations.

Paul D (nl) wrote: Fair Cary Grant comedy but not one of his best, although it has plenty of curiosity value with him playing opposite of Betsy Drake.

Dan H (de) wrote: Pretty good movie, pretty good acting, I thought they missed in a couple spots and some times tough to hear/understand swanks character,but overall better than most. I am a tough rater.