After a woman moves in to a Victorian apartment, she soon suspects her neighbour of murder.

Headstrong New Zealand teen Alex Archer trains to qualify for the 1960 Rome Olympics in the women's 100 freestyle. Unlike the other top swimmers who train only for swimming, Alex takes ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherry Z (ca) wrote: This was a funny, fluffy movie that ends up just the way you expect. Ah well, it was a fun, cheap ride.

Martin N (de) wrote: There were to many incorrect and misquoted statements for my liking, but still engrossing. This will definitely become a much bigger and more recognized problem in the decade to come.

Kaiser Y (it) wrote: the worst possible sequel someone could come up with for the such a fantastic first movie, not to mention completely that this sequel was completely uncalled for.

James L (ca) wrote: Started out really good and midway through got too raunchy and cheesy...but by the end, the film somewhat redeems itself with a good moral to the story. Just be aware, this film is full of raunchy humor and cleavage and may not be suitable for children and/or some grown ups. 2 Stars

Matthew L (gb) wrote: A bit of a mess from beginning to end which going by the description from the back of the case is completely miss-sold as a low budget 'Alien' rip-off when in fact it is nothing of the kind. Featuring B-movie regulars Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2), Jeff Conaway (Grease/Babylon 5) and Tracy Scoggins (Babylon 5) and a slumming it Billy Dee Williams, this is tosh from beginning to end. The 'Alien' of the film is a VR 'slut' (Scoggins) who, whilst the crew of a rescue ship are in stasis, seduces each of them resulting in each of them attempting to kill the other. And thats about as sophisticated as this film gets, each characters VR world is different though largely set in the 'current' world, helping no doubt to keep an already slim budget down. Not even good with beer and pizza.

Ilja S (es) wrote: A total classic. A great original plot, great action scenes, intriguing performances, and some cheesy 90's humor to make fun of.

K Lorraine G (it) wrote: Aztecs in New York. Sounds good to me.

Jose A (br) wrote: Esta pelcula es la onda, me trae muy buenos recuerdos.

Leesa M (ca) wrote: Quite the movie. Quirky, scary and somewhat uncomfortable to watch. I think that's the point of it thought. I laughed and even felt bad for him at one point. Tom Hardy is an acting genius.

Nicholas L (kr) wrote: This movie belongs on Disney Channel, I found the Lacrosse ineresting but thats because I play Lacrosse. It even fails on that point so If you play lacrosse watch it with you teamates, if you dont... just skip it