Alex and Leo

Alex and Leo

Leo, an advertising executive in his mid-30s, falls in love with Alex who's just gotten out of a long-term relationship. While Alex doesn't quite know how to react to Leo's advances, Leo's facing trouble with Alex's oddball clique.

Leo, an advertising executive in his mid-30s, falls in love with Alex who's just gotten out of a long-term relationship. While Alex doesn't quite know how to react to Leo's advances, Leo's facing trouble with Alex's oddball clique. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan J (jp) wrote: This surprisingly balanced doco examines the hi-jinks of the radical environmentalist group the Earth Liberation Front and Eco-terrorism in general. Gripping stuff...

Sheridan P (de) wrote: Very funny. They all play the doddering old men very well, and the love between them is very special. Hard core gangsters of the old school style - where you follow the code and treat women well and don't do the dirty on each other. Christopher Walken seems to have been old forever. They all made me, strangely, find old men wierdly attractive.

Doctor S (us) wrote: "Everybody knows you never go full retard."The more I see Ben Stiller, the more I realize he usually plays the same way in every comedy and there's definitely diminishing returns. Basically he's playing 'Zoolander: Soldier Of Fortune' which is how unbelievably dense this character is. If you want to see how you can vary your comedy persona, look no further than co-star Robert Downey Jr who is flat-out hilarious with every line he speaks as an Australian 5-time Oscar winner known for extreme method acting, in this case undergoing controversial pigment-alteration therapy so he could play a black soldier in a fact-based war movie! His performance alone makes this worth watching, because without him there's a steep decline. Jack Black is a funny guy, but he's not funny here. Danny McBride can be funny but he doesn't have a very big role (which in truth is the best way to use Danny McBride). Only Tom Cruise - yes, Tom Cruise! - approaches the same level of hilarity as a balding, heavyset , ill-tempered movie producer with incredibly hairy arms. The sharpest comedian of them all is Steve Coogan who exits early, but not before he gives the best fatal motivational speech since Samuel L Jackson in "Deep Blue Sea".

PrincesseTiah K (mx) wrote: Raj Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan) et son pouse Pooja (Hema Malini) ont quatre fils : Ajay (Aman Verma), Sanjay (Samir Soni), Rohit (Saahil Chadda) et Karan (Nasir Khan). Ils ont galement adopt un enfant, Alok (Salman Khan), qui est amoureux d'Arpita (Mahima Chaudhry). Raj ayant atteint l'ge de la retraite, il dcide avec sa femme de vivre avec leurs quatre enfants. Mais ceux-ci ne l'entendent pas ainsi et considrent leurs parents comme des fardeaux. Les enfants se mettent d'accord pour hberger leurs parents sous leur toit tour de rle, pendant 6 mois, mais une seule condition : ils n'accueilleront qu'un seul de leur parent. Raj et Pooja, pour la premire fois de leur vie depuis leur union sacre, se voient ainsi spars. Ils vivent trs mal la situation jusqu' ce qu'Alok rapparaissent dans leurs existences.

007 W (it) wrote: This movie is fine, so I would say it's an average movie

Mark E (ca) wrote: boring and predictable

Jouni M (us) wrote: Turkish? Sci-fi? Yes.

William R (kr) wrote: Harrison Ford is very charming here but Griffith doesn't quite measure up

Gabriel K (it) wrote: I like Atom Egoyan movies in general, but this one felt a bit too convoluted and the story just didn't hold together.

Gordon T (kr) wrote: FREAKING CLASSIC!!!!!!! Journalism Run AMOK!!! Two journalists save a country from utter destruction by photographing a dead rebel leader as though he's alive. They take his dead-body, prop it up in a chair, and "glue-open" his eyes and snap his picture. The same technique (of making somebody look alive who is really dead) occurred in American Gangster directed by Ridley Scott. I had forgotten about this classic!!!!! The pacing is slow though, I remember.

Peter E (it) wrote: Signs you might be watching a movie made in the 1960s:1. Sparse San Francisco traffic allows for a high-speed car chase through downtown in the middle of the day.2. Police officers anxiously crowd around a "telecopier" waiting for it print out a low resolution photograph of a suspect at an agonizingly slow pace.3. A criminal attempts to flee the country by purchasing a last minute ticket on an international flight at the gate.4. The flight is operated by Pan Am.5. The criminal has no difficulty bringing his gun on board.6. Nobody considers locking down the airport or stopping planes from taking off after a shootout occurs on the runway.

Joey Q (br) wrote: Classic Tarantino. The amount of stars in this movie is insane. One of my favorite ending sequences of any movie. Loads of laughs

Atheer O (fr) wrote: It has potential but lost me at its muddled plot.

Ted W (us) wrote: Stupid movie, the worst Dwayne Johnson movie ever. Why did the rock save the kids, he should have taken the money then leave. Bad Disney movie. Also 2009 was a bad year for Disney. Terrible.

Knox M (au) wrote: Woman in Gold is my kind of movie. A melodramatic film with some good performances.