Alex Ovechkin: The Gr8

Alex Ovechkin: The Gr8


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Alex Ovechkin: The Gr8 torrent reviews

Cinn M (mx) wrote: Well developed plot and interesting characters kept me anxious for the movie to unfold. I recommend it to lovers of suspense.

David B (nl) wrote: a lovely story of a family facing the ups and downs of life , love and parenthood .humour in the face of crisis.ive been longer without sex but it didnt feel as good as watching this deserves a few awards or more but like allways - the big budget low plot films will get them all and all the good films wont get a sniff in .

Chicago Wil F (de) wrote: Whoa this was bad. It had some decent effects in it but, overall, it looked like it was filmed on a porn set, without the perks of having any nudity!

Zachary D (it) wrote: There isn't a coherent storyline in sight in this quiet meditation, yet the film still manages to convey authentic human emotion in many of its beautifully shot scenes.

Jon K (ru) wrote: I remember seeing this on HBO when I was about 8 or 9 years old and it scared the living crap out of me. I was terrified of rats for years after watching this movie. The film does drag in the middle big time and it would have made an awesome episode of Tales from the Crpyt. Peter Weller is terrorized by a giant rat that has movied into his new place while the wife is away. He tries to capture the monster but he eventually must play by it's rules and get mean. This is worth watching because it gives a desperate feel of man vs. beast like in Jaws.

Kristina R (ca) wrote: I love it and especialy since Kenny Rogers is in it.

Aarron H (ru) wrote: I don't think Anne of a thousand day's is given the credit it deserves! I never normally watch any film that is before 1980 but I have watched this film 3 times already... The acting is sometimes over dramatic but is a sign of the time it was made in 1969 which I think is a credit to the film because it actually portrays Tudor England how I have always believed it to be... My only regret is that it wasn't longer with all Henry's Wives as Richard Burton plays a Brilliant Henry.

Alex S (us) wrote: As a made for TV film, this ain't bad. Better than most mainstream horror in recent years.Nothing new, just feels better than the usual Paranormal Craptivity that comes along every month on dvd shelves.

Jason T (mx) wrote: Criminal activities is kind of a poor man's the usual suspects. The movie rips off a lot of other movies but that doesn't mean the movie itself isn't entertaining. Performances are good and the story moves along at a decent pace. If you like crime thrillers this is an OK watch just don't expect anything new and expect a predictable twist.