Alexander, the King of Macedonia, leads his legions against the giant Persian Empire. After defeating the Persians, he leads his army across the then known world, venturing farther than any westerner had ever gone, all the way to India.

The film follows Alexander, the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest military leaders in the history of warfare, who by the age of 32 had amassed the greatest empire the world had ever seen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alexander torrent reviews

Shawn R (ca) wrote: Another cheesie slasher film that is what it is.

Devin S (de) wrote: Sharon Stone makes this movie . It should be a classic .. NOT . Who is this 100 year old Sharon Stone ? Pointless movie . Great movie if you're having trouble sleeping !

Dave M (gb) wrote: If my dad were Martin Lawrence in a G rated Disney movie, he'd have to take me on a road trip to the nearest hospital immediately after my attempted suicide.

Shaun G (ca) wrote: This is a stinker of a film. Very dull and boring. I came close to turning this one off its that bad

Sarah B (gb) wrote: I don't understand how this movie got such bad reviews... Honestly. Yes, there's explicit sex scenes in it. But damnit, this is NOT porn. It's emotions on screen about as real as they get. The performances of Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith bring such raw emotion into the movie that when it ended I literally sat watching the screen stare blank at me for 5 minutes thinking "wow". It's not "romance" as we like to see it, maybe. It's about loving but not knowing how to. This movie will stick in my head much longer than the next "chick flick", for sure.

Terror A (es) wrote: This would possibly one of the worst comedies that Australia has ever produced. It tries to be an aussie "Dub And Dumber" by fails on every level. Nathan Phillips and Angus Sampson try their best the script is completely unfunny and stupid...not in a good way.

Patty T (kr) wrote: This was really a good movie.

Jim F (au) wrote: Listening to the fabulous soundtrack now, by Mark Knopfler. Why i didn't review this when i watched it is a mystery to me. But i remember it as slightly quirky, very quaint and a pleasure to watch.

Scott C (us) wrote: Nothing special about this flick. If you like Linda Blair's cleavage then the film only gets better as it progresses. Sort of the same old thing I am used to: deformed abused child becomes hermitic murderer genre. At least they didn't screw it up by making them aliens.

Mika S (es) wrote: ok as a 60s japanese gangster movie curiosity piece especially starring mishima, brian de palma may have seen this :) loads of nihilism and wifebeating. oh well.

John F (kr) wrote: A most wanted man and a least wanted film. Truly this film is dire. It is always good to see a Le Carre book brought to screen and the story was strong, let down only by the execution. Philip Seymour Hoffman's acting was so mannered - always ingesting something be it a cigarette/coffee or any hand/mouth interface that it became positively distracting. The direction was pedestrian, the camera-work lacklustre and the overall feel was of a "straight to video" movie which had somehow escaped its destiny.

Jesse W (jp) wrote: Arguably the best in the franchise, though that's not saying much, this fourth installment in the franchise shows a little more interest in its plot and characters. However, the characters it tries to focus on are more lifeless than the zombies in the film. Also, most of the plot is pretty pointless or stretched. Lastly, it still goes, go here, fight zombies, go there, fight zombies.