Alexander the Last

Alexander the Last

An ensemble drama about a married actress, her sister and their myriad sexual and creative temptations.

An ensemble drama about a married actress, her sister and their myriad sexual and creative temptations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew H (es) wrote: A straight forward, easy to watch, quick paced western, which has an adequate storyline to it, but in certain areas it could have been done better. The storyline doesn't make the film stand out amongst other westerns. There is a good variety of characters, but there is not a good deal of introduction to the characters' background. There is however some good action scenes and quite a good gun fight at the end, which is particularly well filmed. As for the acting Robert Mitchum is well cast as the straight talking, tough talking experienced gun man who delivers his tough dialogue very well. Robert Walker Jr plays the part of the young green wannabe gun man quite well. Mitchum and Walker share the best scenes in the film. Angie Dickinson seems very wooden throughout the film and in some scenes completely emotionless. Her tone of voice does not change, despite her characters apparent change of moods. Overall an enjoyable western which is very easy to watch, which is well paced and a few good action scenes in it. It is also well acted on the most part. The drawbacks are that the characters lack any real back story and some aspects of the story could have been done more in-depth. Robert Mitchum also sang the soundtrack, which was a really big mistake he should of kept to acting!

MF J (gb) wrote: A lovely romantic comedy for adults, shot wonderfully and benefiting of a beautiful cast that has a great alchemy on screen. The composition of the shots, the lighting and the interpretation is fresh, playful and definitely exquisite in every way. A film that will give you confidence about the possibilities of love and meeting amazing and incongruous people when you least expect it. Definitely a great romantic comedy.

Priscilla U (ag) wrote: ok, so there isn't much fighting in the movie as one would like to believe, at least not in the traditional sense of kung fu style...honestly, this is one of those movies that is just plane sad. You watch it and not even half-way through realize there is just not going to be any happy ending. Then you think there is three quarters of the way through, and then BAM...nope, no happy it if you're curious, otherwise, dont bother if you're just going to get all depressed. good movie, but you feel the length.

Drew B (nl) wrote: i can't believe i sat through the whole thing. i want my 90 minutes back.

Jason S (de) wrote: i thought it was a pretty good boxing movie

Alex A (jp) wrote: It's very well acted and the writing is solid, but overall I just found the film to be a bit too dry; and none of the characters were quite and likeable or interesting to follow as the writer probably intended them to be. Overall it's a good film about the hardship of illegal immigrants but it's nothing extraordinarily superb or memorable.

Picco P (kr) wrote: i love show my fav ac slater

xmen x (es) wrote: I'm buying the set, I love this vampire series

Ben D (mx) wrote: A very effective, chilling b-movie noir. The opening shots of a man waiting to be hung are amongst the best Frank Borzage ever filmed, steeped as they are in German Expressionism. Ethel Barrymore is, as she always is, suitably creepy. It falls apart a little in the last few minutes, and Dane Clark isn't always the most charasmatic of actors, but mostly this film succeeds, and succeeds well. Well worth seeking out, if you can.

Cooper H (nl) wrote: The Last Crusade is a near perfect adventure movie. A great cast, story, and plenty of memorable locations and scenes make up a terrific end to this trilogy.

Peter C (de) wrote: Don Cheadle is holds the screen in a taut thriller where the moral lines become increasingly blurred and are ultimately drawn by faith.