Biography of Argentinean poet Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938), on of the most famous Latin American poets of the modernist period, who committed suicide by drowning in the sea in Mar del Plata.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Hagar H (it) wrote: I expected more from this movie, especially more music!It was very expected and you could see from the beginning how it's going to end.

Joshua S (es) wrote: A wonderful and heart-warming family adventure.

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Corey P (au) wrote: This movie is really sad. I loved Tom Hanks character so much and didn't want him to die. This movie deserves the attention it gets. Only reason it isn't a five star is because Tom Hanks shouldn't have died. Also the last action scene seems to familiar to me as if I've seen it in another movie.

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Alextwo (au) wrote: I have never before hated a character so quickly.

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Antonius B (es) wrote: This movie features Hollywood royalty in 1936: Jean Harlow, Myrna Loy, William Powell, and Spencer Tracy - that's quite a cast. And it's an interesting premise: Loy is the daughter of a rich businessman who is suing Spencer Tracy's newspaper for libel. Tracy is about to get married to Harlow, but puts off the wedding in order to deal with that, and turns to Powell to 'make it go away'. Their plan is to have Powell get on a ship crossing the ocean that he knows Loy and her father will be on, seduce her into getting into a compromising position, and then have someone burst in on them so that they can threaten her with a suit of their own. To make that work, Powell first gets married to Harlow, so that Loy would be subject to an "alienation of affection" lawsuit (a law that has since been abolished in most but not all states). Harlow isn't happy, but goes along with that because of Tracy's predicament, and because she knows she can later get a divorce.Not surprisingly, things don't go as planned. I loved the banter between Loy and Powell, as she dislikes him at the outset, and suspects he's scheming at something, she's just not sure what. The fishing trip she and her father take him on has some priceless slapstick comedy from Powell, and it's fun to see Loy out there fishing. Things get complicated as Harlow begins falling for Powell, and the movie finishes strong, with a nice twist in what is a great final scene. The movie was worthy of its nomination for Best Picture, but it was in a year when another Powell/Loy vehicle would win it ("The Great Ziegfeld"). It's a bit odd to me that it's considered a "screwball comedy"; I don't think that's the right designation at all, but it's fun, will make you smile, and is definitely worth watching.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: If someone had seen "The Dead" and knew nothing of John Huston, it would be hard for them to believe his first film was a playful film noir 46 years back. I haven't read Joyce's short story but this sure makes me want to read it. Huston's film takes a leisurely pace through its brief running time, introducing a variety of characters all with their flaws hinted at + expressed with subtlety. A wonderfully crafted film with some terrific acting, culminating in an outstanding monologue to end a film and career on, John Huston passed away months after the film was released.