Alfred Hitchcock's Gun

Alfred Hitchcock's Gun

An alternative take on Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope".

An alternative take on Alfred Hitchcock's "Rope". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alfred Hitchcock's Gun torrent reviews

Joetaeb D (ca) wrote: Everyone cool your jets! what else did expect from this? it's warm dramedy. nothing more, nothing less.

Paulina K (ru) wrote: Sad movie with an unhappy ending.

ime S (gb) wrote: All the comedy legends in one movie. Really good comedy.

leah f (de) wrote: Hey, Tom and Jerry! Stop making movies! Stop it! The movie has the titular twosome at their worst: making horribly dated pop culture references. I thought Tom and Jerry was about making timeless slapstick comedies, not this schlock!

Mikah T (nl) wrote: I love this movie. There are some great songs in this movie.

Michael W (de) wrote: Series charts a new course taking trancer-hunter Jack Deth to a medieval alternate universe. Randall and Ivens are a good addition for the franchise that continues to deliver for Full Moon. Was a little upset that Shark was written off so abruptly, he seemed to have potential. Did laugh when Deth used his head for a lampshade though.

Aimee C (us) wrote: Pretty lame 80s teenage sex romp. I have to say, though, I was *shocked* that Patrick Dempsey went full-frontal! He is definitely *not* big. Sorry, Patrick. Still love ya!:)

Robert H (kr) wrote: Flint is the secret agent Bond only wishes he could be. And this is in part where the film is flawed.See Flint is a secret agent who practically knows everything, is skilled in everything, can determine all the ingredients by looking, tasting and smelling something and is almost godlike in his abilities. So it's less about IF he's going to save the day but rather just how long it's going to take him to do so.Flint is just too over powered to make this an enjoyable action film.Now as a campy look at spy films in the vein of a Spy Hard, Get Smart or Austin Powers, Our Man Flint works pretty well.Unfortunately I don't believe that is the intentions behind the film. Flint was created as competition to Bond in the hopes of trying to create a better spy. An agent people would prefer to James Bond because he was just that much better. But humans are flawed, and superhumans should stay in comic books (or comic book movies!). Still, Our Man Flint is quite enjoyable and worth a laugh or two whether deliberate or not.

Brian S (es) wrote: First thing about this film is that it is in color. Very artificial in terms of story and in some way, This island Earth sort of is the cliche sci-fi big budget film from the from the 1950's. The part with ray guns and different planets does not come until about 40 minutes later. But once it starts, it's good.

Connor G (mx) wrote: Definitely meandered in parts, and took a while to finish, but overall decent.

Janet M (au) wrote: Just watched it again great movie, Check reality at door.

Benne S (jp) wrote: This was really quite good up until you see the stupid rubbery creatures then it's all downhill from there. The husband is a really bad actor and the weird unfriendly country folk thing is such a tired cliche. I barely made it to the end as I kept falling asleep and having to rewind.