Alì Blue Eyes

Alì Blue Eyes

Stefano and Nader, two teenagers, share their time between a robbery at the supermarket and the mornings at the disco, but their friendship is destined to crack.

Stefano and Nader, two teenagers, share their time between a robbery at the supermarket and the mornings at the disco, but their friendship is destined to crack. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Terry W (it) wrote: Watched it last night, great ending to a great Anime.

Kirsten C (mx) wrote: Does it have violence in it? :)

Paul D (es) wrote: Solid conclusion to the biographical crime story.

Bu A (us) wrote: Love, love, this movie. Almost love the lead female. Wish I liked Mel Gibson. If you think the government's up to something, you're right... for this movie.

Stefan G (de) wrote: While it's often advertised as a drama film, it doesn't play out much like what I'd recognize as a drama film. It's presented like an action-thriller film, but it doesn't feel much like one either. Either way, it's actually a pretty good film, even if the plot does have some mild pacing problems, by which I mean it tends to take a while to get to the point. The characters are actually pretty good, and their performances are also quite good. Due it being a film where you need fire to appear often, the film is loaded with special effects, and I think the special effects team got a little trigger-happy with the explosions. While this might be a problem for some, the special effects actually look really good, as though they did a professional job with the special effects. There's a little bit of action, and there's a little bit of drama, but I find that, rather than doing both, they should have made Backdraft as one kind of film. The end result of that move would have had more depth, and would have benefited from more solid ideas. However, the film is still pretty good as it is, so I'm giving Ron Howard the benefit of the doubt.

Bill T (ca) wrote: Funny how I'm pretty sure I've only seen this once until today. This is one of the best action movies ever made. It proved that Bruce Willis was (whether you like it or not) a box office draw and it certainly raised the standard for action movies. A great time.Rewatch notes: Pretty much nothing much needed to add. Everything here is great. A lovely film debut of Alan Rickman.

Sam M (nl) wrote: Blends a few elements like erotic, thriller, psychological, but Eastwood does even better elsewhere.

James S (gb) wrote: The best gangster film I have seen. Violent, beautifully shot and incredibly moving. I think this has to be the longest feature length film I have seen at 3 hours and 49 minutes long.

Brad W (it) wrote: Great idea; so-so execution. Needed a script polish, better production and someone to replace Chase. An actor with comic sensibilities instead of a comic that thinks he can act.

Jessica M (gb) wrote: wow a shocking film!! didn't know about this reality here.. this is like the 80's real version of Requiem For a Dream! quite heavy. very well acted! great direction too. a superb movie! but it leaves you feeling bad, it affects the viewers.

Jessie M (us) wrote: I love this movie! Especially the french lesson scene! June Allyson and Peter Lawford are so good together!

Paul D (au) wrote: Bridges fails to put the umph into his charasmatic character that other actors would have. The film also suffers at the beginning from identity, whether it wants to be a drama or action, but overall, as a war mission story it works.

Raymond P (kr) wrote: Low budget cast delivers inspirational movie that truly challenges the dad in all of us to step up and take ownership of your family.

Bryan W (ag) wrote: Perhaps the penultimate exploration of mankind's journey through the cosmos being one of self-discovery, this film is appropriately corny and features all the trappings of boring 60's science fiction. The shame of it is, it would have been a truly great Twilight Zone episode, and you can feel that in every frame.

Richard L (mx) wrote: I watched Nightbreed: The Director's Cut, which is longer and has a different ending than the original. The movie is awesome except for the terrible Danny Elfman soundtrack and some questionable directing and editing. Very queer-friendly in a closeted 1990 kind of way.

Alex H (kr) wrote: Oculus has fascinating lore, convincing performances, and interwoven narratives that build for a frightening and fantastic movie. One of the best modern horror films.