Alice Tate, mother of two, with a marriage of 16 years, finds herself falling for the handsome sax player, Joe. Stricken with a backache, she consults Dr. Yang, an oriental herbalist who realizes that her problems are not related to her back, but in her mind and heart. Dr. Yang's magical herbs give Alice wondrous powers, taking her out of well-established rut.

A spoiled Manhattan housewife re-evaluates her life after visiting a Chinatown healer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anastasia H (it) wrote: BORING. Brad looks cute with glasses though.

Bavner D (es) wrote: Sayangnya, film ini masih dibawah ekspektasi saya. Pemain-pemain bagus ternyata belum menjadi sebuah jaminan mutlak. Film remake yang banyak menggunakan talent pemenang Academy Awards, seperti Clooney, Hoffmann, dan Tomei, sayangnya kurang terlalu memikat dengan film ini. Sepanjang 101 menit, penonton bukan dibawa untuk ke sebuah tontonan berbau politik yang mudah di cerna khalayak ramai, tetapi lebih ke sebuah tontonan politik yang dikemas begitu serius dan punya nilai intelejensi yang tinggi, sehingga akan sulit dimengerti oleh beberapa kalangan.

Deena A (ag) wrote: Interesting plot, bad execution.Grade: D

Patrick E (us) wrote: A run of the mill "trapped in a cabin in the woods" genre horror film that was mildly entertaining until it went all over the place with a batshit crazy plot twist with 15 mins to go. It was blatantly obvious that the film was going to go this direction but you are left hoping that it doesn't. Tries to be far too clever for it's own good and ends up being a complete mess. They should have stuck to the tried and trusted rules for this type of film. Its admirable that they tried to do something new and original but that doesn't excuse the stupidity of it all.First 65 mins are entertaining, the last 15 mins are just plain stupid.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: they should just call this another sequel to american pie. the whole plot of the movie is getting laid. is this what people are entertained by? losers who have nothing better to do than chase tail? try your hand. sex is great but, there are more important things in life.

Jose B (br) wrote: I love this story, and I love the way they told it. It is very faithful to Bible, and the development of the argument is very right. Entertaining, funny, and short.

Nick B (nl) wrote: I use to have this game on game boy so I've been wanting to see it for as long as I remember, the movie is straight up 90s cheese, really terrible but a fun movie to watch at 3am.

Greg W (br) wrote: Keaton is fabulous in roles like this, where she plays the nervous, infectiously-spastic independent woman who has needs, particularly when they are written with equal parts gushy sweetness and savage wit by Nancy Meyers

Kevin N (gb) wrote: A string of persuasive and intruiging montages make up Germany in August, a film that can be a little pushy but is always on track.

Kevin W (gb) wrote: Classic Richard Pryor, playing multiple characters Leroy, Pops,and Platinum Gloove wearing Preacher. Leroy is a man confused who leaves home to find himself only to return to his small home town more confused than when he left. Must see for any one who loves Richard.

Toni R (ca) wrote: Just as good martial arts flick as the first fun.

Nikolai D (us) wrote: I was expecting more from the movie, considering that it was directed by Sydney Pollack and that it features actors such as Robert Redford, Natalie Wood and Charles Bronson. Natalie Wood has a lot of charisma in the role of Alva, but there is also something artificial and contrived in her expressions and gestures. Robert Redford is unidimensional. Charles Bronson is as interesting as a lamp post.

Darren B (ag) wrote: Sometimes a low budget sci-if horror can exceed expectations however what could have been really cool turned into cheesy $5 FX despite a decent cast. Perhaps one day this will get a remake with a bigger budget and a A-list director.Bottom line: It had its moments but otherwise slow and boring.

Kristy P (ag) wrote: Definitely interesting!!! It isn't what I'd call a GOOD movie, but it keeps you on edge throughout. I've never liked Rob Lowe, he always just looks like a psycho to me...and this movie is proof that I was right! He's insane in this role. James Spader's cool as usual.