Alice in Wondertown

Alice in Wondertown

A satire about the life of the Cuban people. Alicia, a culture instructor, is sent to a small town "Maravillas", which is itself an exaggerated, but very ingenious reflection of the real Cuba. The adventures that she has there are almost as crazy and senseless as the ones lived by the other Alice (in Wonderland), reflecting the indoctrination, coercion, absolutims, and many other everyday problems in Cuban society.

A satire about the life of the Cuban people. Alicia, a culture instructor, is sent to a small town "Maravillas", which is itself an exaggerated, but very ingenious reflection of the real ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Theresa S (ru) wrote: Cute kids, cute dogs but only ok storyline.

Louis F (us) wrote: Donnamarie Recco & Denise Richards were great.

yasmin (mx) wrote: Country: France --------------- mmm..I have mixed feelings about this movie. For the first time i couldn't judge a movie. I know it deals with an issue-not made for entertainment- but to some reason I couldn't get myself into the movie. It is a slow paced movie about three girls/teens discovering their sexual identity. It is all about teens and by teens. There are no adult actors here-or as much as I remember. It is real, but I wonder why the movie makers portraied the girls' life so boring like that. Adolescence has never been so dull like that before. What bothered me most is making a teenager go in a useless nude scene. Hey! Is that what you really teach girls?! Overall 5/10 just for Adle Haenel(Floraine) and the aqua ballet performance. PS: the right translation of the title is"Birth of the Octopi"

Camilo M (ag) wrote: Que pedazo de porqueria... eso si sigue lo que tiene una historia de terror... matan al negro de primero, luego a la buenona mostrona y luego a la miedosa.Definitivamente MAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLAAA!!! Mona me vengare... de esta.

David Ray G (fr) wrote: Indie films are always the best. Take this one for example. Not many people know it, even fewer have actually seen it. But it's a great film. Mostly a tragedy disguised as a comedy -and that absolutely works. It's hilarious, fresh, has a meaning, rhythm and wits. Michael McMillan was brilliant in his role as a confused high school student and later graduate whose father's abusive nature towards him turns him into a scared individual. The script -although flawed in points- is not original, but works amazingly well in this case. I would suggest this film for a 90 minutes' duration of pure fun and thought.

Melvin W (br) wrote: Adele: Providence, Rhode Island? Couldn't you have gotten any farther away from me?"A story of a mother who knows best... and a daughter who knows better."I like Susan Surandon and love Natalie Portman, yet I strongly dislike Anywhere But Here. It's melodrama for 2 hours and it just gets annoying. The story is that of a mother, daughter relationship. They leave Bay City, Wisconsin for Beverly Hill, California; much to chagrin of Ann(Natalie Portman). Ann is annoyed by her mother(I don't blame her), but still loves her. Adele(Susan Surandon) really annoyed me. I hated her character a lot more then I hated the movie.This movie definitely has a target audience. That target audience is any female who will cry at the slightest dramatic moment as long as it has sad music.I guess I can come up with a few good things about this movie. Obviously it has a good cast. It also has Danny Elfman doing the score and Roger Deakins doing the cinematography. That's about the extent of what I can say I enjoyed about it. The story is nothing new. It's pretty much just a study of a mother-daughter relationship and not a very good one at that. It probably would have helped slightly if I was a mother or a daughter.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: Ick! Not scary and just awful, just as bad as the first sequel. It had potential but was way too out there.

William R (jp) wrote: One of the most bizarre sequels i've ever seen

Ondrej (kr) wrote: Slow paced simple story about grandparents' feelings towards their children and vice versa. Modernization of japanese life versus polite traditional disguise of true feelings

Art S (kr) wrote: Is it funny? Or is it just bizarre? Or is it funny because it is just plain bizarre? If you walked into this film without knowing anything about W. C. Fields, how would you make sense of it? Here we find Fields on the "Esoteric Films" lot, playing himself and pitching his next film project to a producer (played by Franklin Pangborn, also playing a version of himself). So, we see what Fields does in Hollywood (e.g., he stands under a billboard for "The Bank Dick" trying to attract compliments, he eats at a greasy spoon) and we get to see a re-enactment of the script that he describes (which finds him chaperoning his niece, Gloria Jean, to Mexico but falling out of a plane and landing on top of a mountain owned by Margaret Dumont). There isn't really a plot to speak of but instead a series of set-ups that allows Fields to mumble his usual snide asides under his breath, to sneak a few drinks, to try to achieve maximum advantage for himself with minimum effort, to drive like a maniac, and so on. In other words, this is the same Fields that audiences had grown to know and love. Pure ridiculousness and with some very odd musical numbers (by young teen Gloria Jean) thrown in. In some ways, the film is all reaction shots - odd things happen and everyone reacts - -with the chief one being the final word from Gloria: "My Uncle Bill....But I Still Love Him!" This turned out to be Fields' final picture as a star and despite his cantankerous, subversive, persona (or because of it), he remains one.

Vincent C (de) wrote: Well done movie overall. Did a good job of making the viewer see NY in '81. The payoff at the end is a little anticlimatic.

Matt G (ag) wrote: 1996, what a year for Alien Invastion films. but Mars Attacks has to beat Indpendance day. Comicly funny, cheesy science and a massive hollywood cast, this is one of the best cult films i've ever seen, so bad it's funny. The most cheesiest cult film ever put on screen with a all star cast of all my favourite people in Hollywood Jack Nichelson, Glenn Close, Peires Brosnan, Micheal J Fox, Danny DeVito, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Tom Jones makes a apperence that makes this film comicly bad but so good. A classic parody on the classic alien invasion. I didn't like that a lot of the cast was cut short like Micheal J Fox was killed in the first visitation. Very badly funny and the gags were really funny aswell and has a really good comic effect of classic alien attack films. One of Tim Burton's under rated bests and a true delight to watch and very entertaining.