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Alicia torrent reviews

Domenic D (ca) wrote: Iron Man Rise of the Technovores. Art was very good. Lots of experimental animation was used to show the nano based enemy. Design-wise it scores high with me. The voice acting was pretty badly synced and delivered. The battles and dog-fights were decent, although some of them are only a bunch of random explosions and exterior backdrops. But the plot made no sense. And even at multiple times during the movie admitted that it didn't know what it was talking about or even getting at. For example, in the beginning of the film the main villain's plan included destroying the all-seeing eye satellite plot device, however as the movie progressed it became clear that the boy didn't know what to do with it; going from destroying it calling it a "transgression," to ultimately trying to take it over. I will say the cameo of the Punisher vigilante was a good part of the film that actually worked,but the sheer amount of plot holes in this could keep me reviewing for days. In the end, the lack of a coherent plot or motive for the insane villain kept the film from moving forward, and kept us scratching our heads at the way everyone responded to his shenanigans. Came in with no expectations, hoping to be surprised? 5/10.

Jake O (it) wrote: Interesting story and impressive animation is kind of undermined by lackluster voice acting

Ellen G (es) wrote: WoW! Fantastisk!!! "I don't care if it's Ronald McDonald" og " I'm gonna Bobbit you back to outer space" er noe av det beste jeg har hoert. Hurra for kalkun sjangeren - I love it...

Marc L (gb) wrote: Plutot audacieuse, cette realisation norvegienne se propose de brocarder acidement, non pas les handicapes comme on pourrait le croire de prime abord, mais plutot les therapies-miracle supposees leur rendre gout a l'existence et surtout, les codes sociaux qui impliquent que l'on eprouve compassion et commiseration a leur egard. Le renversement de paradigme, qui voit cette bande d'infirme dominer la dynamique de groupe, se livrer a tous les exces et finalement expulser les "valides" de leur environnement immediat, est veritablement savoureux, tout en s'accompagnant d'une reelle reflexion sur le sujet. On l'aurait seulement souhaite encore plus cinglante, mais le sujet est suffisamment iconoclaste pour se suffire a lui meme.

Jenny C (au) wrote: gOod cOmbination of action, drama & love story..the fighting scenes are sO, Shu Qi and Zhao Wei are stunningly beautiful!

Wes S (jp) wrote: It's an interesting little film, and it looked pretty great on the Imax screen from when I saw it all those years ago. The story is a little confusing, and it appears everything was a dream yet it's not... Anyway, it's a fun little film that any dinosaur enthusiast would enjoy.

Eric J (nl) wrote: John Huston's penchant for storytelling is on display in this period piece. Similar to any number of Irish-based films before the Troubles. Anjelica huston kind of hanms it up in this. eh. it was aight.

Daniel U (mx) wrote: An extremely scary found footage movie that had amazing suspense and scares. However does not have a great plot.