Alien 2: On Earth

Alien 2: On Earth

A group of cave explorers are confronted in an underground cavern by a mysterious living rock. Little do they know that it bears home to deadly, flesh-eating creatures, intent on wiping out the entire human population. An ultra low-budget, unofficial and unauthorized sequel to the 1979 film Alien, although the plot has little connection to the original film.

Cave explorers confront deadly, flesh-eating creatures that want to wipe out all of Earth's people. Can they survive and ultimately prevent Earth's total annihilation? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alien 2: On Earth torrent reviews

Vernica K (us) wrote: We enjoyed the movie.

Gilles T (nl) wrote: Great little movie, great music...

Kim D (ru) wrote: Awesome movie - loved it --- have learned that Rotten Tomatoes will slam any christian movie no matter how good it is

Santhosh K (us) wrote: dhayavu seydhu thirundhiru thalaiva!

Casey P (ag) wrote: a lot to chew on , solid film

Sarah T (us) wrote: Hilariously funny but also poignant agonies.

Igor P (ag) wrote: Too long and very slow.Had a few good parts,but overall dissapointing.

Lauren S (br) wrote: I'm so glad I finally own this film on DVD. More people need to see this, for it is truly one of the greatest pieces of film making in a long time. The editing makes me squee with joy, because it is just so damn pretty. The story is entertaining and gripping throughout, and it also extremely empowering.

Raul G (fr) wrote: No plot, no story, no horror.. The series has run it's course..

Chelsea W (ru) wrote: the first and last story will really stick with you. great acting!

j m (it) wrote: Mel Brooks does it again! It's been so many years since I first saw this film (I've lost count of the times I've seen it since) and I still fall on the floor laughing. Incredible humour.

Sam N (fr) wrote: I think at one point this was the number 1 worst film of all time on IMDB.....couldn't agree more.

ers (au) wrote: truffaut nun cocuklugu inceledigi filmi diebilriz, gney fransadaki thiers ?ehrinde ekmi? filmi,yeni dogmu? bebekten 14 ya??ndak cocuga kadar her ya? cocuk war filmde.. 2 erkek s?n?f? olan bir okul war,oradaki cocuklar?n hayatlar?,her trls war, bayag? bir?ey irdelemi? filmde, bir erkek bir kad?n gretmen war mesela,erkek gretmenin cocugu oluor i?te,filmin sonlar?nda grecniler tatile c?kmadan nasihat werdigi bi sahnesi war mesela adam?n.. filmde en ttuttugum karakterler, aralr?nda bir ya? bulunan ve ayn? k?yafetleri giyinen mini akal olmaya cal??an de luca karde?ler ile 9.kattta oturan sinemada cal??an dul kad?n?n 2-3 ya??ndaki kk pi oglu,pencereden d?or ama bi?i olmuor ccouga,sonra kalk?p glor le manyak bi?i, bi de esas oglan war sar???n patrick,sinemada k?z gtremior,utan?or pemior,arkda?a? 2 k?z? da gtruor yane pusouor dielim :) ama filmin en sonunda a?k?n? buluor ve yaz kamp?nda kendi gibi gzelce bir k?z ile p?or vs.. film bitior le,tam eglencelik film ;) ben ba?ar?l? buldum,ocuklar zerine bir film tam..

Erin G (br) wrote: Rose: Do you love him, Loretta?Loretta: Aw, ma, I love him awful.Rose: Oh, God, that's too bad.

Emily B (jp) wrote: It's...interesting. I had no idea what was going on for the first half of the movie. By the second half, I was hooked just enough to get to the end.

Damon R (de) wrote: It's my first time seeing the movie that started it all, and I can see why the series both the movie and book they inspired is so famous during the 70s and 80s. And this is before the 1992 movie Article 99, which has Donald Sutherland's real-life son Kiefer Sutherland. Can you say "irony"? Good. I know you can.