Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets

Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets

Three beautiful women find themselves unwilling subjects of an alien scientist's experiments.

Three beautiful women find themselves unwilling subjects of an alien scientist's experiments. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets torrent reviews

Rebecca A (kr) wrote: Loved this quirky film. Such Scandinavian humour. Have watched it over and over......if u like festival films.....this is a winner!!!

Ally F (es) wrote: You never know a pig could bring a conflict, between religion and war....good to see a peaceful ending

Stevenson M (fr) wrote: It was quite boring... the Beast Stalker was a better movie.

Stefano B (ag) wrote: great work of acting but very boring movie. the plot is promising a lot and finally everything is so disappointing

Dan G (ag) wrote: Absolute crap. Complete junk. This was supposed to be a "horror" movie - It was junk. Nothing scary here.

KentandHelen J (ru) wrote: I realize that this is not the best movie ever. Quite average. However in light of the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood taking advantage of baby parts from abortions this movie has become prophetic. Every actor in this film who continues in the pro-abortion ways, after seeing any of the PP hidden camera movies is a complete hypocrite. I hope those that stand for freedom will promote this movie and its message. Babies are People. The slippery slope will lead to what this movie portrays, no joke. THere are already people who believe that babies brought to full term STILL have no rights as HUMANS. If you are reading this and shrugging your shoulders then you have grown a cold, sad heart my friend. This B-Movie is finger of shame in your faces all of you who believe PP is innocent and that babies are just tissue. Shame on you. Have a bad dau/

Hanna P (au) wrote: As much as i love the actor Patrick Dempsey i did not particularly Like this work of art it was an alright love story.

Sean D (de) wrote: While this film was interesting in its own way, you find yourself waiting for something to happen, while sitting through a sattire with similarities to gay activism, racism and AIDS. The characters are quite humourous and entertaining.

Pedro G (au) wrote: Below average. Typically a blockbuster movie.

Matt H (nl) wrote: The biggest problem I had with this movie was that the sisters, upon seeing their mother again after like 15 years, aren't immediately like "how could you abandon us for all those years?" and "how did you fake your death" and instead assume she's a ghost come back to look over them. I mean, REALLY??? Are Spanish people really generally this superstitious? I mean, really. Despite this issue, the movie is interesting, otherwise.

Enrique R (fr) wrote: Quirky and odd to say the least but there's something about the film I really liked; it's like its about all the small subtleties in life that no one notices or appreciates. I'm actually becoming a fan of Miranda July as I like her style but felt this one could have been a bit better. I feel for her movies, you either love them or you don't.

Mark K (fr) wrote: Powerful, unforgiving, and disturbing. Mean Creek is a landmark in film history.

Laura Z (ag) wrote: Me gusta el hecho de como demuestra que el ser humano nunca esta conforme con lo que tiene, ella decide poner su carrera primero y ya cuando obtiene el exito profesional, solo ve parejas felices y ya ella esta dispuesta a cambiar su exito por el amor, que le de gracias a Dios que el chavo estaba solo y no era orgulloso para abrirle las puertas de nuevo.

Daniel J (nl) wrote: The addams Family rulez

Tony P (de) wrote: British comedy at its best set on a tough Northern England housing estate.The film follows the story of teenager Sue and her best friend Rita who end up in sexual innuendos with middle aged Bob.Some classic quotes. "Send her down Manningham Lane!", "Fat fuckin Mavis!"Its a shame no sequel was made in the eighties. The cast have aged somewhat now and the original Bradford locations have gone so I am led to believe. Lesley Sharp's revenge on Bob could have been explored as well as Bob's new threesome relationship with Rita and Sue.

Ivan R (de) wrote: No words can describe it.

Alex C (gb) wrote: Just some mindless garbage free movie I decided to watch one day that didn't turn out to be so mindless or garbage.

Greg W (br) wrote: good western and later career work for mitchum

Andrew L (au) wrote: Everything that worked best from both the previous instalments is present in this final chapter, making it the most satisfying to watch. Even though 'Clerks II' provides a very simple yet truthful summing up of the trilogy, 'Lord Of The Rings' is essential viewing for film lovers, & is the modern-day equivalent of the 'Star Wars' trilogy.

Chris N (ru) wrote: So underrated. One of Wilson's best performances.