Alien Armageddon

Alien Armageddon

For years, UFO sightings have been documented around the world. What were once mere sightings have now become brutal attacks of epic proportions. As the human race faces total annihilation with every major city destroyed only Los Angeles remains. Left with the task of saving humanity from extinction, a group of cowboys is the world s last stand in this Alien Armageddon.

The story of Jodie Elliot, a young woman who is trying to find her daughter in a city controlled by an invading alien army. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nancy T (it) wrote: Beautiful, haunting, inspiring...see this film!

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: This is a likeable enough movie starring the late Anton Yelchin as a kind of male Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Odd Thomas lives in small-town America doing a mundane job in a diner, but also has the paranormal powers which give him the ability to see the dead and foresee coming dangers. He uses his powers to help the local police solve violent crimes and in return, the police provide him with alibis and cover stories. Odd begins to see visions that point to an imminent major disaster about to hit his town and with the help of his friends, begins to investigate and uncover a deadly plot. In places, the movie is disjointed and patchy. There are one or two elements that don't knit together quite as well as I would have wished with supplementary characters that don't really make sense but Yelchin is hard not to like and the ending of the movie was, for me, quite an unusually moving experience and not at all what I was expecting. It's a shame that more care wasn't taken over the editing and plotting which could have easily made the whole experience far more successful but as an oddball, fantasy movie, Odd Thomas has something a bit different to offer.

Ty M (au) wrote: Why do horror movies always have to be so cheesy?

MF J (mx) wrote: What a film! First of all what really stands out in this movie is the landscapes.... absolutely breathtaking & completely part of the story , the Bolivian countryside is maybe the first hero of this beautiful picture. The story is very well written, the characters are rough, fearless, nicely acted by a really great bunch of talented people Sam Sheppard ahead of the crew. I think it's visually one the best film i have ever seen in my life and believe me i have seen a lot! This film has a very special vibe, a moody feeling, time is running for us all but it seems the earth is unchanged, the desert remain the same, the great salty plain will go on while human stories passes by and print their little marks on this eternal places.... What a film guys, what a film!

Kong L (gb) wrote: "EXPLICIT | PSYCHEDELIC | VISUALLY | STUNNING | TEDIOUS" (88-out-of-100)

Jenn T (gb) wrote: I feel like this movie had two completely separate plot lines, one of which was good, the other not so much. The drama aspect of this movie was really good, and would have been enough for the movie to go on. The thriller aspect was poorly written, and executed. The acting was mediocre but not bad enough to shut the flick off.

Mike O (kr) wrote: Kene Holiday is terrific in this masterpiece of a film.

Matthew J (es) wrote: An entertaining romp both parodying and respecting the mystery genre.

john m (ag) wrote: you should see some hot pats in it i hope

Paul D (au) wrote: It seems to be a homage to 80's detective movies, especially in the music used throughout. It's not a very good one though despite the fact it's only played for laughs, although it's fairly watchable and Seann William Scott's annoying criminal offers up a decent supporting character just when the film needs it.

Shaun B (nl) wrote: Normally would be put off by the accents (Johnny Depp's is serviceable but Heather Graham's not so much), and also put off by such a convoluted plot to get to reveal the man that may have been Jack the Ripper (and you may figure out who it is fairly early on). It's not particularly scary but it's a beautiful looking picture that's well directed with tension and keeps you interested...perhaps not glued, but you're definitely going to be interested unless you're the most jaded of Jack the Ripper enthusiasts that demands it to be realistic. This is a movie, and a damn well made one. The cliches kind of hurt as well, and while this pales significantly compared to Menace II Society, I've always wondered whatever happened to the Hughes Brothers...I liked this movie despite its flaws b/c the editing, costumes, cinematography, and overall direction is near top notch.

Tom K (br) wrote: This was a pleasant surprise.

Justin B (fr) wrote: It feels a little more mature than some of the other Nicolas Sparks movies and although you could say it's also more ambitious it completely butchers its attempt at a multi-tiered narrative. Every relationship feels forced for the sake of plot progression and none of the pieces fit together in a way that feels like a cohesive whole. It often feels like two separate films loosely cobbled together for no rhyme or reason.