Alien Makers

Alien Makers

Crew from the film Alien recall their experiences working on the production.

Crew from the film Alien recall their experiences working on the production. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler R (kr) wrote: I really liked it. Had more of a plot then the first two even though it was predicable and had some good characters. The movie was more violent and over the top then the first two and was more fun.

Henning 8 (au) wrote: Very noir, quite funny, partly sad... This movie has everything.

Jeff S (us) wrote: Great Movie. Very intense and very true to life.

Martin A (nl) wrote: Incredible gypsy music throughout and a plot that ranges through vivid locales and several languages. Great film.

Chris W (jp) wrote: Original disney movies always sucks. I hate those.

Tim G (nl) wrote: Fascinating and ridiculous at various turns, more of the former surprisingly.

Graham M (kr) wrote: The heart is in the right place but unlike Attenborough's previous film, Gandhi, I wasn't as interested in the characters and didn't feel the same extent of discrimination that was present in apartheid South Africa.

Meagunn H (ca) wrote: Really, really cute. You can definitely see Miyazaki in this, but unlike his later films with messages, this one's just got pandas. Reeeealy cute pandas. The father reminds me a lot of the big Totoro. Watch it if you're having a bad day, and you'll get smiles.Though how the hell that train keeps on going is beyond me. *l*

Andy F (ca) wrote: One of the better (and final) Cushing and Lee movies and it isn't a Hammer! They are both in the movie substantially (often they are billed but hardly in the movies!) and this terror on a train film certainly has the odd moment of horror (even though some of the ideas are repeated too often). Good atmosphere and there are worse films to watch!

Robert Q (fr) wrote: While the film failed to live up to the lofty standard set by the short-lived animated MTV series, I applaud this fresh take on a cult classic. I give high marks for visual appeal as the cinematics, and design were aesthetically pleasing. From the leads to supporting roles nearly all performances spot on.

Phillie E (ru) wrote: A solid two star snooze-able romcom.