Alien Nation

Alien Nation

A few years from now, Earth will have the first contact with an alien civilisation. These aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after years of quarantine.

Set in Los Angeles circa 1991, when humans live alongside extraterrestrial humanoid beings, Detective Matthew Sikes, a human cop, is less than pleased when he is assigned a Newcomer as a partner to help investigate a murder. However, a friendship grows from life-or-death circumstances. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (es) wrote: MUST WATCH(only if you like movies that makes sense)....a brilliant movie on the lines of gulabi gang to an extent..madhuri was superb and overshadowed juhi chawla's character..the movie is set in a rural background where poor villagers ask rajjo's gang to help them out in their issues when the sarkari babu's turn their back on them in greed of bribe/commission and then rajjo(madhuri) with the help of her gang's "bang bang" gets the things done and then comes a corrupt outrageous political party head , juhi chawla , who turns out to be the main villian(dilouge and screenspace wise) but without any sort of bang bang so didnt liked her character much as compared to rajjo's full fledged heroism...the movie ain't a typical masala movie with no dance no's but just a good,kinda unique movie on the common lines of fighting injustice and with that bollywood just founded its dabangni it seems in madhuri

Jerry H (de) wrote: Underneath all the glitters and glam of stereotypical gay movies, this one has a cute story.

Horace L (mx) wrote: I could not swallow this movie in one piece.

Missy W (de) wrote: looks interesting enough

Silver Screen S (kr) wrote: Well written, well acted, and contained enough interesting twists to keep the movie fresh. A good watch.

Kathryn G (it) wrote: Very funny and quirky little film with a very strong cast. Really enjoyable.

Armando N (ca) wrote: Cine tailands de primer nivel...

Jessika C (nl) wrote: Bongwater is exactly what you hope for: brainless humor. I just wish I had a nice fat one while watching this, it really requires a stoned mind. ;)

E L (mx) wrote: A strange little film, which reminds me of the 1960s sexploitation Italian vampire films because of its aesthetics. Blackly humourous and puzzling, this film isn't successful on all levels but it's a rollicking ride from start to finish.

Duncan K (br) wrote: Some might say this film hates women due to the horrifying, repeated gang rapes inflicted upon the woman. Some might say this film hates men due to the atrocious, disproportionate retribution inflicted upon the rapists by the victim. Some might say that this film hates the mentally retarded due to the most appalling portrayal of one in the history of cinema. They're all correct because this film hates humanity. No one but a sick, sadistic, soulless, vile nihilist who holds all of humanity in contempt would even think that this reeking pile of absolute garbage could ever be classified as entertainment. Somewhere, the late, great Buster Keaton, God rest his soul, is thrashing in his grave due to the knowledge that his grand-niece has appeared in what can only be described as an insult to cinema and an insult to anyone who has the misfortune of ever viewing it, and I do not believe it is possible for me to hate anything more than I hate this abhorrent, worthless, evil piece of shite. Easily the scene that made me the angriest was the one where the makers actually had the gall to have the victim go into a church to ask for forgiveness before she enacts her brutal revenge, and that made it clear to me that everyone involved in this abomination in any way needs to seek some penance.

Logan M (es) wrote: It's good, but kind of creepy under the surface.

bill s (ca) wrote: All the cliche antics of the early 70's rock scene are put in a blender and set on F Marky Mark,what the hell does he know about Rock anyhow.

Jim S (nl) wrote: Orson Welles makes love to Rita Hayworth with the camera in this one. Nicely twisted plot.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (de) wrote: A sad story but also a quiet stretchy one, not that amusing to se, but you kept watching.