Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

Followup movie to the TV series about 250,000 aliens, or "newcomers" as they are known, who have by now settled alongside the humans in California. Most of the newcomers were slaves, and the slave masters are now looking for them. They send Aponso to earth to locate the slaves ready for the aliens to pick them up.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   religion,   murder,  

Alien life form comes to Earth to rescue his enslaved race. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Alien Nation: Dark Horizon torrent reviews

Jonathan H (us) wrote: It was alright. Nothing special

Thomas L (br) wrote: An exquisitely acted slice of down beat New Jersey life. Certain contrived plot elements aside, Down The Shore grabs your interest even if it does tend to get a bit confusing in it's final moments, that being said.. I'm still not exactly sure what various character's motivations were. If you're looking to get lost in some decent melodrama for an hour and a half then look no further.

Mattias L (it) wrote: Skn feel good-movie om ett sunkigt blueshak i 50-talets Alabama.

Kenny R (it) wrote: Between the AK's firing the wrong way and DiCaprio's awful shifting accent, between American, South African and Austrailian with a little bit of Indian in there; the plot takes a long time to get going and when it does it doesn't really go anywhere thet you haven't already seen on the news or elsewhere. The only saving grace for this movie is Djimon's performance.

Senor C (nl) wrote: One of Rodney Dangerfield's last films you could do a lot worse for a straight to video comedy. By this point of Dangerfield's career it is clearly apparent that he is trying to give back as much as he can. This features a lot of stand up comedic talent like Paul Rodriguez, Harland Williams & Gilbert Gottfried screen time that they otherwise wouldn't receive. When was the last time you saw Nell Carter in something? Even gives Kirstie Alley a pay check even though she doesn't deserve it. She probably spend it all on jalapeno poppers. Terribly miscast w/ an awful British accent that all her attempted laughs are provided by her shitting/pissing monkey. Passable time waster in a Comedy Central kinda way

Danny S (ag) wrote: A fairly well-crafted drama/thriller that certainly doesn't bore.

Seth Y (ru) wrote: When I found out about this movie and how it starred Ryan Gosling, I immediately wondered how I hadn't heard of it before. After only 10 minutes of watching, I realized why. This is an excruciatingly dull film that I really struggled to get through. It's like a cheap, R-rated version of a Lifetime movie, with no real plot or progression. I'll admit, I only bothered checking this out because Gosling was attached, which I assume is true for most people. It is fun seeing him portray this huge scumbag character, and he does do a decent job. The blame for this atrocious film really can't be put on him. The first five minutes had me thinking this would be an intense viewing experience, but it turned out to be the total opposite...stale and boring!

Wesley W (ca) wrote: The torture is finally over. This sequel continues and expands upon everything that made its predecessor so terrible. This only comes off as a pointless cash grab sequel. Michael Oliver remains unsympathetic and unlikeable. John Ritter is likeable but again he is under bad writing and mediocre direction by Brian Levant. Amy Yasbeck here is thankfully not annoying here and in my opinion she brings a likeable presence but it still wasn't enough to save this piece of crap film. Laraine Newman is annoying as the unlikeable and selfish rich woman and Ivyann Schwan as Trixie only added to the annoyance of the film. Just like Dennis Dugan, Brian Levant is also another director who keeps directing the same old juvenile crap throughout his entire career. Gilbert Gottfried appears again as the annoying Mr. Peabody and you wander how he keeps starring in movies with his one note facial expression and silly voice. Overall, this is a sequel you want to avoid because it doesn't improve upon anything and it just pisses you off.

Adam K (mx) wrote: James Spader rocks the greatest mullet in cinema history.

Steve B (us) wrote: I think people are way too tough with this movie. Just love it, the music is amazing.

Losang S (kr) wrote: I saw this many times as a kid but I don't remember any of it now...

Sybe D (gb) wrote: Unsurpassable, magical masterpiece!!

Hannah D (it) wrote: This is a really gripping film about the real-life murderer John Christie. Richard Attenborough gave a very creepy portrayal of the killer and was perfect for the role. John Hurt was also excellent as the innocent family man condemned for crimes he did not commit.

Simon O (ag) wrote: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a film that so oozes with style that it's as if it hasn't aged a day. It could absolutely pass as a throwback to the German Expressionist era if released today. As one of the first horror movies ever, there are a lot of tropes that future films borrow - but The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is so distinct in tone that one hardly notices. Given the technical limitations of the time, the film uses everything that it can. The score is appropriately creepy and interacts with what's on screen, the set looks as if it was ripped straight from a cartoon, and the title cards are visually appealing while still clear. Of highest note is actor Werner Krauss as Dr. Caligari. The persona he adopts and how effectively he does so in the silent medium is without a doubt, the highlight of the film.

Muhammed S (ca) wrote: Another spit on my grave-esque title.