Alien Outpost

Alien Outpost

A documentary crew follows an elite unit of soldiers in the wake of an alien invasion.

Two documentary cameramen are set into a military unit in the harshest place in the world, an outpost which is surrounded by remaining alien warriors (Heavies) of an invasion force. Heavies are planning to invade earth for the second time and only the soldiers could stop it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ayodele A (br) wrote: Apart from that scene with Adele's "rolling in the deep" nicely choreographed to in the desert, there are few memorable or truly exciting moments. Decent action punctuated but dry all too familiar humour . Story is decent, disjointed. Still a decent Jackie chan movie.. slightly below average...I had this much fun.

Igor A (au) wrote: Flowers in the Attic Part 2

Alex A (ag) wrote: Quite a charming film about a bun of blokes looking after their terminally ill friend on a last adventure. A little contrived in places but otherwise quite genuine and the friendships seem quite plausible.

Lewis E (fr) wrote: Only an hour and so length so every British person should find time to watch this. The story is about three thugs kidnapping a couple and any more information would probably spoil this. Highly rated on its intense realism and the relationship between the dominant, bullyish kidnapper and his mates is great to witness. Give it a watch and you'll be making sure your doors are locked at night.

Dan N (br) wrote: A more exciting version of Twilight - in fact I prefer it!

Matt N (de) wrote: The book was brilliant as were all the others and I was looking forward to the production of the films; however this one didn't live up to the awesomeness and potential that the book had.

Martin O (us) wrote: Good enough sat night DVD

Dailiesel M (fr) wrote: God job and excellent work.

Private U (ru) wrote: One of the sweetest films of all time. An under-rated classic.

Jackie I (it) wrote: great movie about one hell of man

Ken T (fr) wrote: Cute and kinda' funny in a weird sorta way"

Greg W (br) wrote: employs 5 different cinematographers

Rodney E (au) wrote: Narrative poetry. This worked very well when I was half asleep in a class. I would love to see this again. Utterly surreal and amazingly artistic

Steve P (fr) wrote: NOTE: This film was recommended to me by Kimberly Winters Gautier for the "Steve Pulaski Sees It."If there's one genre of films that has never particularly done much for me, it's the "body swapping" genre of films, and while Penny Marshall's Big takes a creative new spin on the genre, it still can't overcome its pretty uninteresting concept. The film revolves around a thirteen-year-old named Josh Baskin (David Moscow), who lives in New York with his parents who decide to visit the local carnival one day. After trying to impress a schoolgirl with his bravery by going on a rollercoaster and subsequently being shooed away because he isn't of adequate height, Josh uses a fortune teller machine to wish he was bigger.The next morning, Josh wakes up a thirty-five-year-old man and utterly horrified by his growth spurt. He quickly darts out of his home after his mother mistakes him for a burglar, and knowing he can't go home and explain the situation to his mother, he calls on his best friend Billy (Jared Rushton) to assist him in his new adult adventures. Before long, Josh goes to work for a toy company, using his own prior knowledge as to what kids enjoy in order to become a successful employee at the company. He also winds up developing a crush on his coworker Susan Lawrence (Elizabeth Perkins) over time, despite her not knowing his unbelievable secret.Adult Josh is played by a very young Tom Hanks in what is often considered his breakout role, and to his credit, Hanks is a commendable, charismatic presence all the way through Big. His role requires a boatload of energy and charm, which he has no problem delivering, and his cheery smile is enough to warrant at least some pleasure in this film. The problem with Big, despite its wholesomeness and its innocuous premise, is that it's simply not a very interesting film and it all starts with its bogus storyline. For one, we never really get an explanation of whether or not Josh is functioning with the mind of a thirteen-year-old in a thirty-five-year-old body or if he has a thirty-five-year-old mind in a thirty-five-year-old's body. Right there, it sets up a conflict of interest based around the character since we're not entirely sure on what wavelength he is operating.Second of all, the humor in the film is not particularly funny. Isolated scenes like the famous rendition of "Chopsticks" on a life-sized piano are fun, but little in the film is humorous or very memorable because of its situational comedy. When a film tackles a premise like this, there should at least be some kind of consistent humor coming from the plot, but all there seems to be a string of ironic, coincidental, or predictable sequences involving the bizarre concept of a thirteen-year-old inheriting the body of an adult (in a screenplay written by Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg, the sister of Steven Spielberg).It's that and the film's general predictability that wore on me; when the relationship between Josh and Susan begins to brew, the film almost effectively abandons any attempt at being funny to take a more romantic route. Right there, we have three genres - fantasy, comedy, and romance - that all feel like they're being handled in a half-baked manner that lacks any kind of narrative conviction. While Big may have spirit and a talented cast of talents - its leading performer going on to earn Oscar nominations and being regarded as one of the finest American actors working today - it lacks the kind of humor that its premise so readily demands and settles on being simple, basic cable entertainment.Starring: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Perkins, Jared Rushton, and David Moscow. Directed by: Penny Marshall.

Kelly P (us) wrote: Incredibly gruesome and bloody in the first part, but boy does karma come back and bite Stuntman Mike in the behind to close out part two of the story.

Stuart P (jp) wrote: A touching, quiet and well acted picture with a gentle humour and lots of pathos.

Tyler S (de) wrote: Loved this movie!One of the difinitive movies of my childhood, Kevin Bacon leads the way in this B movie about creatures that are living underneath the ground in this horror-western thrillride.The movie has a little bit of everything.Fun cameos, good humor, action, silliness, suspense, and over the top fun.The creatures are long and snake like and are not easily dealt with.They can't walk on the ground as the creates rely on the vibrations to get their prey.A wild fun B movie thrill ride.

Al K (ca) wrote: Romantic, you know. Could've been a lot better, was a little slow starting off and kind of confusing but kind of fell into place later.