Alien Predator

Alien Predator

Three friends encounter a malevolent alien.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:alien,   suicide,   dog,  

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David B (gb) wrote: Doug was in fucking Goon!

LaQuisha D (jp) wrote: HORRIBLE MOVIE! First off, YES! I did read the book. In 4 days. Only because it was such a good story that I wanted to prolong my excitement. Had I read it in a few hours I would have been thoroughly disappointed that I was done so fast .If you don't know much about the legend of King Arthur the book will give you more than just a simple outline. It puts the entire story into your perspective, modernizes it, and makes you want to know more. The movie, however, changes the characters names, cuts characters, removes all the special things that we loved about the characters from the book, and barely shows any evidence of a plot. Watching it, yes, it's child friendly but it's take on Arthur isn't accurate at all. Everything Meg Cabot researched and put into the book is undone by Disney. King Arthur isn't a chick (KING, hello?!!!) and will can't be Allie's (Ellie) "knight I shining armor" because ummm, that would make her the lady of the lake and him King Arthur although they clearly pointed out that he isn't. I think Disney should stop buying rights to Meg Cabot's books because they ruined a 10 book Princess Diaries series in two movies and now New York's #3 best seller? It was just very poorly organized and not based on the book at all, I was thoroughly disappointed because literature that you take weeks to read shouldn't be ruined in 80 minutes because the director, writers, and cast didn't read the literature themselves. On a good note; I did like Molly Quinn as Jennifer and the actor that played lance. Will was castes correctly as well, but Britt Robertson was by far a miss. She was squeaky voiced and didn't fit the persona or look like she was a track prodigy.

Rami L (it) wrote: Worst movie I have seen in a long timeTerrible acting, editing, writing, and let's not forget the jarring soundtrack.Avoid this pretentious piece of crap at all coat!

Zack B (au) wrote: The film is a mess, teeter-tottering between two separately weighty plot points, one that arrives in the middle and seems to lead up to the end of the film when 50 minutes actually remain. Nevertheless, Rebecca Hall's performance, however punctuated by irritating chirps and lip curls, is compelling in its ability to capture the mind of a commonly seen modern female, attuned to behaving ditzy for acceptance and promotion yet sharp and strong in her own way. I couldn't help admiring her flexibility as an actress.

Drew S (ca) wrote: THE WOODS HAVE EYES. THEY HAVE THEM. EYES.This movie is woeful. It is taking itself too seriously to be enjoyable on a camp level, but it's too shitty to accomplish a single one of its aspirations. Also, the characters are unbelievably dumb, moreso than typical horror bodies waiting to hit the floor. These kids are grade-A idiots. You really just want them to die by the end. And though it may seem like the great beyond is their destination...well, wait for the ending. It's pretty fucking infuriating.

Seth H (de) wrote: Wow, I have seen these many times, and every time I watch it I am still impressed with the skill and care that he puts into every task. To pack up and leave everything behind to live alone in Alaska, with little connection to the outside world.

Andrew G (fr) wrote: I could not have anticipated the how deep this movie would descend into melancholy. Kore-eda plays the hart strings in with a happy twang that makes the unbelievably sad conditions of this family easy to watch - but not to digest.

Zade T (gb) wrote: This formula has been beaten to death but it's not the worst I've seen.

William B (ca) wrote: odd, bleak, yet fascinating and thought-provoking short film by Samuel Beckett featuring Buster Keaton - it lends itself well to initiating philosophical discourse on the nature of perception and perceptiveness, and the illusion of (personal) identity

David S (jp) wrote: Visually intriguing and abstract, but disappointingly obtuse, repetitive, and derivative for a real work of art. It is, however, mercifully short. It is not, however, short enough. I'd call it challenging, but that compliment is reserved for something whose meaning isn't mysteriously guarded and ambiguous.

Jeffrey G (br) wrote: A classic, cheesy classic. The Zuni Fetish Doll still haunts me to this day.

Maverick T (ca) wrote: Comedic tale of prejudice

Brent H (gb) wrote: Great 80's craziness with actually a pretty epic climax lol.

Liam B (nl) wrote: One of the few films that rank among the best of any art form. Shocking and brave for it's time, the progressive ideology of the film is more progressive than most films out today.

Scott M (jp) wrote: This movie is really really dated. The technology is so old. But I still enjoyed the story. Its about hacker kids who get framed and have to figure out how not to get arrested for it. The ending is so dumb. Big plot hole that never made any sense to me. Angelina sure is young and hot. See it for that alone.

Amy F (gb) wrote: Being the fourth installment of the step up movies it didn't lose its amazing features. This time ballet and hip hop came together to face a demolition company from destroying their territory.